tail wag reekwest wensday!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my brother tucker the other vizsla dog has tayken an unekspekted tern for the wurse today he has ben to the skarry emerjensee vet twice so far this morning and is going bak wen there department of majikal ultrasownd imajing opens at nine oclock i am shoor he wood appreesheyayt enny tail wags or purrs wot mite be sent his way altho he is of korse too prowd to ever admit it!!! i wil let evrywun no how he is dooing wen i hav more informayshun frum my spy among the hyoomans ie dada!!! ok bye

18 thoughts on “tail wag reekwest wensday!!!

  1. So sorry to hear this news about Tucker. You can be sure he will be in our thoughts and prays today until we hear from you that he is better!

    Your pal,
    Stella, Zkhat and of course our Mom too


  2. hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay the kwik reeport on the majikal ultrasownd is “nothing exciting” so they think that wotever he ayt must hav ben so bad that it has defeeted the antibiotiks!!! i think it must reely hav ben a zombee!!! so they ar going to giv him more flooids and then a stronger antibiotik we ar keeping owr paws krossd that it helps!!! i wil let evrywun no wen he is bak home and if he is feeling better!!! ok bye


  3. hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay tucker is home now resting comfortably he got more flooids and stronger antibiotiks the only thing the majikal ultrasownd showd wuz a small toomer on his adrenal gland but that is not wot is kawzing his simptoms so it seems like it wuz just that the nasties wer stronger then the antibiotiks but hopefully rownd two wil go to the meds insted of to the bugs!!! thank yoo evrywun for yore tail wags and purrs and crossd paws!!! ok bye


    1. Hi there Dennis…just saw you post and then your follow up comment. Glad they don’t think the tumor was causing Tucker’s issue and happy to hear he is resting comfortably now. Feel better Tucker! Paws crossed that the meds help him get better soon.


  4. We just saw your request now, Dennis, and of course we are still going to keep them crossed for Tucker. We hope that he will be feeling better tomorrow. Our Phantom isn’t feeling so great either:(

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  5. Well, we already know that Tucker is at home and doing alright, but we still have our paws crossed for him to feel better soon! Just a word of caution, don’t let him have a little bell!



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