thursday tucker updayt!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay heer is a kwik updayt on tucker!!!  the majikal ultrasownd did not show ennything to do with his condishun just a small toomer on his adreenal gland wotever that is apparently that is just sumthing to keep an eye on but not to wurry abowt!!!  so the peepul at the emerjensee vetnameez playse think the reezon for his sudden relaps is that the antibiotik wuz not storng enuf to stop the bad things in wotever he ayt yesterday!!!  he is dooing better today with a stronger antibiotik calld flagyl and anti nawzea pils and more chikkin and rice mmm chikkin!!!  he can keep the rice tho ha ha ennyway we ar hoping that the flagyl wil sukseed ware the amoksisillin faild!!!  thank evrywun for the gud wishes yesterday i shoor hope tucker has lernd his lessen after all this but i dowt it!!!  ha ha ok bye

13 thoughts on “thursday tucker updayt!!!

  1. Yo, Tucker, The Herd says that you need to get strong and not put scares in anyone. Scary enough having Dennis around what with his adventures and all. So eat that chicken and rice and antibiotics – a cocktail that Rusty is most familiar with here.


  2. Yep. We’ve done the rice-chicken-antibiotic cocktail ourselves, although we’ve never had to fight zombies… Anyhoo, Tucker, we hope you are feeling better soon, and that you don’t have to lock Dennis away while you eat your chicken in peace!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  3. TUCKER…. I hope you won’t nom up any more yucky thingys… and that you are 100% really SOON. Paws Crossed here for you buddy.


  4. Well, Jed senses a kindred spirit in Tucker. We’re sorry Tucker’s sick and will keep our paws crossed for his full and speedy recovery. Will be astounded if Tucker takes any useful lessons from this experience. Jed never does.


  5. all paws crossed for the new meds to make Tucker feel much better.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  6. I’m sure Tucker is scheming even now about how to get more of whatever he got into before! That or he has his eye on something in the kitchen that’s not being watched. I’m really glad he’s feeling better!



  7. Phew…glad they are not concerned about the tumor. That Flagyl is pretty good stuff, hopefully it will do the trick. Feel better Tucker!

    Dennis – I doubt doubt DOUBT Tucker learned his lesson. Despite getting sick, and despite the funny post you wrote about what to eat and what to roll in….some things are just too tempting and tasty to pass up.


  8. Hi Dennis.. Hi Tucker! Dennis… thank you so very much for posting the information about your brother Tucker! I have been sick this past week and just now read your posts about him… I’m so very glad that he is doing better! You are such a good boy for watching over your brother 😉 Please give Tucker our best and we are sending happy thoughts! Take care… Love, the Morrisons (Jim, Nancy, Bodi and Ollie)!


  9. Flagyl, how scary that I actually know the antibiotic he is on but, with a hubby as sick as mine, I’ve found myself become somewhat of an unwilling pharmacist. Hope Tucker gets better very quickly now and that you are getting some of that yummy chicken (best they give you some, otherwise you’ll end up pretending to be sick just to get better food).


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