13 thoughts on “Good Luck In Your Chosen Profession

  1. Dennis! You made a good sensible decision! Wow, I am impressed. It must be due to the beautiful Trixie’s advice! Stick with Trixie, Dennis, she is soooo smart!



  2. Dennis you awe entiwely too nice and gullibull..thank dog the ninja hedgehog nommed that yuckie wowm thewe must be an easiew way to get nickels
    smoochie kisses


  3. Ah yes! That is a saddleback caterpillar (larvae of the Saddleback Caterpillar Moth- guess which form is more showy). They are indeed quite irritating to touch. Dennis- even though you were saved from the burning saddleback, you might want to think twice about eating things that result in fluorescent green farts. Tucker has to manufacture those from somewhere. Maggie the sad Vizsla wearing her cone of shame.


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