The Diagnosis







Later …


23 Comments on “The Diagnosis

  1. How will eating snacks all day long be different from what you have been doing, Tucker? No more meal worms or peanut butter sandwiches, thats for certain. Good luck in controlling this, I think you are gonna need it!



  2. Ha ha ha ha! I wonder if your treat dispenser has any friends who’d like to come to our house… Tucker, I’m not seeing a downside to this.

    Seriously, I hope you’re feeling better soon! I know being sick is no fun!



  3. OH Tucker I am Sorry to hear that you have this disease thingy… butt at least you know what it is and how to work with it. DARN that is a super Treat Dispenser. Did you order it from the PEZ Co.? Keep a close Eye on it though… Dennis will be lookin fur some way to put it to HIS use.


  4. Diseases with names are not as scary. We know a lot of humans who have happy iives in spite of what Chrohn discovered.


  5. Hey, Tucker, that is one ginormous treat dispenser! Good to hear there’s a diagnosis – getting to eat all day long sounds much better than having to take all those antibiotics!


  6. Hey Tucker, that crone disease. Does it have anything to do with witches? The snacks all day part does sound good. I hope it helps you feel better.



  7. Tucker, I am very jellus of your nifty Hello Kitty treat dispenser. I know that you will probably have to take another pill, but it will make you feel better. Remember that Mama & Dada really love you when they are giving you pills. I have to tell this to Jersey twice a day when I give her pills and she still doesn’t believe me!

    Moar snacking = gud!!


  8. Well, we suppose it is better to have a diagnosis than to keep on wondering. We really like your treat clock, but we think you should add a mini-treat for the half hours too:) We hope your new regimen works to make you feel much better.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  9. That looks like a very frightening kitty, and all red and angry too. Let us know how the treats from that violent feline work out. Maggie the Vizsla who is visiting people this weekend.


  10. Ooooh. So you’ll be all into the second breakfasts and elevenses and tea time and all of those food-related times of day! Dude. Sounds an awful lot better than a diet! Take care of yourself, and be sure to flaunt your multiple daily meals at Dennis. Ya know, because that’s what brothers do! 😉

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  11. Hello Dennis, Thanks for visiting us today and we have replied to your comment on our blog so to understand Dada better.



  12. Hey Tucker. Gosh, I’m so sorry about this rotten sickies that you have. At least your dogtor can help with this now. I’m totally jealous of all day snacking and your treat dispenser is wonderful! Will milkbones fit in it?!?
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  13. I’m glad to hear the vet thinks they got to the bottom of your issue Tucker. I hope you enjoy having lots and lots of treats throughout the day. Toby says to tell you he is very jealous. 🙂


  14. So by “The Foundation’s” reasoning I can assume Colonel Sanders didn’t invent chickens, he was just the first person to identify them…


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