a skolarly treetis on how we went to the harbor and aksidently saw a holiday eevent!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday we went to the harbor like we do a lot becuz i hav traind mama and dada that they shud tayk me to the harbor and giv me treets for not beeing afrayd of dogs and peepul and dogs and dogs only this time sumthing verry strayndj happend!!! on akkownt of dada not having enny kloo wot is going on heer in the mithikal sitty of oshunside we aksidently went on the verry nite of the oshunside harbor parayd of lites!!!

now it is kommon nolledj that dada hayts krowds and that dada hayts wayting so wot cud posibly be wurse then wayting in a krowd??? i dont no but we did it!!! mama thawt it wood be gud for me to be owt amongst the littel peepul for the holidays hay trixie wot do yoo think???

“I think I would like a cookie.”

ha ha well of korse hoo woodnt want a cookie??? ennyway sumhow it transpired that we mayd a kwik run home to drop off tucker hoo wood git too kold and kranky after sitting for sevral owrs and also dada rememberd by sum mirakul to grab his kamra to reekord this ekstrordinerry eevent and then we went bak to the harbor to awayt the parayd of lites!!! but oddly enuf eeven tho it perported to be a parayd of lites it turnd owt to akchooally be a parayd of botes chek it owt!!!

sownds like fals advertizing to me!!!  hay dada duz the parayd of bote lites start after dark??? uh huh it duz??? hay dada is it eezy to tayk pikchers in the dark by holding the kamra in yore hands instead of yoozing a tripod???


wel i gess we hav the anser to that kwestchun now dont we dada??? and that bote wuznt eeven mooving!!! ha ha ha ha!!!

“If only that boat hadn’t been completely motionless, maybe dada’s picture of it wouldn’t have come out blurry.”
“And by the way, I’d still like a cookie.”

we wer their erly and so we got a gud seet but soon peepul began to appeer owt of the woodwurk and neerly all of them had at leest nineteen children with them as yoo can imadjin things kwikly got owt of hand!!! i wuz wishing i cud git owt to the dock ware their wer mutch fyoower children however the dock wuz garded by the dredded radioaktiv yellowcake lab!!!

radioaktiv dog is radioaktiv and aparently also has stripes

so sadly i had to stay on the maynland with the small skreeming gremlins i meen the luvly wel behayvd children hay dada luk heer comes a bote kwik git a pikcher!!!


mmm yeah gud kall on forgitting to bring the tripod dada!!! maybe yoo shud try anuther viddyo insted!!!

thats better!!!  now ennyway this is not yet the akchooal parayd of bote lites this is the parayd of bote lites wot ar on there way to the playse ware they ar going to line up for the parayd of bote lites!!! i meen of botes!!! oh wotever it is sum sort of parayd all i no is mama brawt cookies!!!



so ennyway we wayted and wayted and more and more peepul showd up with there thirty seven kids eetch and botest kept going by on there way to the parayd and we kept getting cookies hay dada heer komes another bote kwik tayk a pikcher!!!


wot the hek??? that wun is almost in fokus!!! its a festivus mirakul!!! kwik dada heer komes another wun tayk another pikcher!!!


okay thats more like it ha ha and then wunder of wunders the akchooal parayd began!!! and the krowd went wild and eetch of the fifty four kids per persun started skreeming so lowd they sownded like a hunnerd and ate kids per persun insted!!!

wow that wuz kind of eer splitting!!! trixie wot did yoo think of that???

“What? I didn’t hear anything. Hang on, let me lift my ears up. Okay, tell them to do it again.”

but wayt theres more botes then just that buntch!!! and the krownd went wild agin!!!

trixie shoorly yoo must hav herd all that skreeming and showting and kerrying on rite???  wot did yoo think of it???

“I think I’m glad I’m mostly deaf now.”

all rite all rite heer is wun more bote!!! this was not eeven the last bote eether but it wuz dadas fayvrit i dont no why it wuz his fayvrit wen it duz not hav a lik of orandj on it ennyware but go figger!!!

and let me tel yoo trixie is lukky she is def becuz then the botes started blowing there horns!!! and bote horns seem to be konsiderably lowder then kar horns let me tel yoo!!! i did not like that wun bit!!!

“I don’t care if you still have chicken in a bag. We’re done here.  La la la, I am not at the harbor anymore.”

and so we left the oshunside harbor to be overrun by the two hunnerd and siksteen children per persun and the botes and the lites and the horns mutch to the releef of sum poor man hoo had evidently ben sirkling the lot for owrs lukking for a playse to park he followd us bak to the car so he kud tayk owr spot!!! he thankd us profyoosly for letting him no we wer leeving hay yoo ar welkum random strayndjer persun but nekst time cud yoo bring sum cookies??? we like to get rewarded for owr gud deeds!!! ok bye

17 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on how we went to the harbor and aksidently saw a holiday eevent!!!

  1. Dennis- I did my first parade last weekend and it was very strange. I don’t understand what all those people are doing standing looking at the street, and a strange dog tried to smell me and yes there were too many children per square acre, and I finally put my head in a corner and lay down. That was better until mom said it was time to go. Maggie the Vizsla who is too old to do a first parade, but mom said I was a good girl.


  2. I think the boats look rather pretty and I’m glad you got to go and enjoy cookies. That sounds like a lot of fun if you ask me. I’ll just say this. If you don’t like screaming children, stay away from Santa at Bass Pro! They were all screaming and hollering there, and when I showed it, it multiplied. You’d have thought we were at a rock concert somewhere. I hope you get some peace and quiet today!


    P.S. Humans and their shaky hands! Tell your dada to prop his elbows on something next time!


  3. I’d say Tucker is the winner of this one! Like the Beautiful Trixie, sometimes being deaf is really kind of nice especially when it comes to hyooge families of small children being close to you. We have one of these bote parades in the summer where all the botes get decorated in patriotic colors (redwhiteand blue, of course). I try to miss it whenever I can.

    Cheers and good wishes,
    Stella Spanador


  4. Dennis It is US Frankie Furter and Ernie. OMD, wee can not believe that you and Trixie didn’t stay fur the entyre Pawrayd. It was BueTeaFull to see. THANK YOU fur lettin us enjoy it. Two Bad eweR Dada furgot his
    Try PAWd. OKAY, Bye


  5. Amazing you could even hear the boat horns over all the “skreeming, showting and kerrying on”! Was there a cloning machine there? From your description, It seems like the kids were multiplying at quite an alarming rate! Perhaps you should ask Santa for some noise cancelling headphones to keep in the car for future accidental crowd encounters.


  6. Dennis,
    I, too, am not fond of those wee humans and I shun any locale where they might congregate. You were certainly brave to hang in the dark with all the gremlins dashing about and shrieking. Your poor ears.

    I hope there were cookies a plenty at some point.



  7. Wow Dennis – that was some parade of lights. Or boats. Or children…
    Sorry you had to remove yourself from the harbor. Meadow knows how to do that too, and she resorts to that trick from time to time, even though she loves chicken too. Glad that for the most part you did okay though! 🙂


  8. Sadly we were not able to view the videos, but we were greatly amused by your Dada’s still photos. He probably shouldn’t quit his day job. We hear you on the screaming gremlins – I don’t see any reason for little kids, other than possibly as bait. Abby tells me that sitting still for little kids results in lots of treats, but I’m not buying that story. It looks like quite the adventure, and frankly, it sounds like Tucker got the best deal – the house all to himself! 🙂

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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