Tucker Tuesday: Which One’s Michael?

“We don’t mind the garlic and olive oil foot poultice because it’s technically food, but my posse and I would like to have a few words with you about the Epsom salt foot baths, the colloidal silver toenail drops, and the tea tree oil powder.”

16 Comments on “Tucker Tuesday: Which One’s Michael?

  1. Tucker has Michael down pat! Although, I think you need to glue some glitter on it…



  2. I would have that off so fast, Tucker!!! Mom put the stupid cone on me again- something about no sleep and chewing on my sore… I was only keeping it clean, sheesh…


  3. Dear Tucker: I am sending you all my good wishes for a fast healing of your foot. You have had way too many health troubles lately and I am gonna ask Santa Claus to give you some extra help in staying well. I never thought I would say I miss seeing you eat everything in sight, but I find I do.

    Love and hugs,


  4. I’m sure Tucker’s favourite song is
    Eat it
    Have some more donuts, have some more ham, It doesn’t matter what you have for lunch, just eat it.


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