20 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Backyard

  1. OH NOOOOoooooooooo TUCKER… you are NOT supposed to go to the Dogtor Place.. this close to Santa Paws Visit. You GOTTA get OUT OF THERE and back HOME… QUICKLY.
    Well, get your toe and toe bone fixed furst, of course.
    AND when you get home… all WELL… Please tell everyone there that WE say…


  2. Sounds a little serious, Tucker. Hope your Vet knows exactly what to do to make it better.
    We are gonna make some prays for you to get well, Tucker, because we love you.

    Stella, Jo, and Zkhat


  3. Tucker, I hope your toe is better soon! I think you might want to embrace the spirit of the season a little, though, and consider sharing some of those bon bons. It’s not like you won’t get more from Dada!



  4. Tucker: Your vet must have extra delicious treats for you to be spending so much time there 🙂 Hope they figure things out so you can feel better soon!
    Dennis: Santa is watching you so I wouldn’t steal Tucker’s treats!!


  5. We’re thinking Tucker knows the inside of Dennis’ brain even a distance away. We are keeping all our paws crossed that he will be all better soon,


  6. Tucker sees everything. That’s kind of spooky. I sure hope his icky toe thing gets better. You two be nice to him. It will earn points with mama and dada and besides, he’ll know if you are bad and he is old and can plot serious revenge.



  7. Tucker you seem to be having a run of bad luck lately. Hope your toe gets better soon so you can get back to you treat dispensing PEZ kitties!


  8. pee ess: Dennis, My pawrents went to their friends house for dinner the other day and someone had two of you’s there. Dave and Ruby. They seemed very well behaved and didn’t even move off their beds the whole time! Just saying.


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