rantcho gwakkamoley the reetern!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wen i told tucker he had missd owt on seeing a dumpster last week he wuz verry dissapoynted so wen roomer had it we wer going bak to rantcho gwakkamoley he demanded not to be left beehind chek it owt!!!

“I would see this Dumpster for myself. Take me there, servants.”

ha ha tucker pleez try to relaks and be kool abowt going owt!!! just like me!!!

after mutch wayting and wagging of tayls and wotnot we finaly mayd it to the kar ware tucker wunse agin demonstrayted how eeger he wuz to go for a wawk at rantcho gwakkamoley!!!

ZZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZzz …

oh no tucker if yoo ar so verry tired how wil yoo ever mayk it all the way to the dumpster??? but then upon owr arrival we diskoverd that the faymus costco waggin had misteeryusly appeerd in the bak of dadas kar!!!

“Where’s the gas pedal?”

hallolooyah tucker is sayvd!!! but wont he git kold frum the wind chil wile mooving at the awsum speeds wot his weeld konveyanse can acheev??? oh no wot ever shal we do???

It’s a coat! It’s a blanket! It’s a clanket!

mamas fuzzy kote to the reskyew!!! now we ar reddy to role if dada kan figger owt wot direkshun to go!!!

the astoot vyoower or at leest the vyoower wot has eyes wil notiss that dada poynted left and then went rite!!! i am pritty shoor that is how we ended up at rantcho gwakkamoley insted of at the harbor in the first playse!!! better drink sum more of that koffee dada!!! now altho tucker is in his charyot he stil likes to git owt of it frum time to time for instanse to chek peemail at a public peemail drop!!!

“This appears to be a popular pee-mail server.”

but mostly he just wuz along for the ride!!!

at wun poynt we stopd and mama gayv me treets for standing on a peese of metal poor tucker did not git to stand on metal and git treets oh wel!!! i can only imadjin wot he must be thinking but i bet he is jellus!!!

“Where’s the lever that opens that trap door?”

after that it wuz bak in the waggin for more draggin ha ha!!!

note how we all wawk together becuz that is wot posses do!!! altho i think trixie may be a little bit wurreed abowt beeing run over!!! hay tucker i think yoo need a leesh wot sez sumthing diffrent!!!

Time for my R.I.D.E.
Time for my R.I.D.E.

but wayt!!! wot is that up ahed??? cud it be???

it is!!! tucker mayd it to the dumpster!!!

“It’s even more beautiful and smells even better than I could have possibly imagined.”
Will it fit in the wagon?

and their wuz mutch rejoysing!!! and by rejoysing i meen komplayning!!!

oh wel yoo can leed a dog to a dumpster but yoo cant tayk the dumpster home!!! or sumthing like that!!! ok bye

20 thoughts on “rantcho gwakkamoley the reetern!!!

  1. Tucker, we think if dada would just pull a little harder, he could pull you home and attach a rope to the dumpster and pull it home, too. Sort of like our hi-dad, though – just never quite willing to work hard enough, is he?


  2. Hello, Tucker. You have a good deal going there. My mom took me for a walk yesterday along the big road where people throw out chicken bones, but she ripped one out of my mouth and yanked me away from the other. I’m happy for you that your mama and dada are more fair. Peemail AND a dumpster! Maggie the jealous Vizsla


  3. THIS is GRAYT Dennis. Tucker has a NO WALKIN WAGON that is JUST like OURS… except that OURS is RED and Has US in it of Korse.
    We are THRILLED that Tucker maid the grrrrrrand pyllgrimedge to THE DUMPSTIR.
    Two bad it woodn’t fit intwo the No Walkin Wagon with him. BUTT Tucker seams too hav trooly injoied the trek.


  4. Hey, Tucker, great to see you out on an adventure! You need to get your dada a harness so he can pull your chariot like a draft dog for: a) smoother ride and b) increased chance of being able to pull home the dumpster!


  5. I can’t believe you didn’t get Dada to tie that dumpster to the wagon and pull it home. Next time, tell him to put his back into it! I mean, really, if he could pull Tucker’s wheeled conveyance, hold Trixie’s leash and suck down his coffee, then he ought to be able to manage pulling home a simple dumpster.

    I’m glad Tucker got to have an adventure!



  6. Tucker, you are very much loved, dude! We met a fat beagle the other day who gets to ride around on his dad’s motorized wheelchair, butt you look much more comfortable!

    -Bart and Ruby


  7. Yeah, this time Tucker got to visit the dumpster too. Maybe the three of you together can figure out how to get your mama and dada to pull it home.

    What’s wrong with Tucker’s voice? Poor guy.


  8. Thats OK,Tucker, we all love a quiet barker! It is so great you got out in your wagon for a nice walk about. It is getting cold here and we have just a little snow. Surprisingly, if we would get more snow it wouldn’t seem so cold since snow is an insulator. I do like the looks of your Sandy Eggo weather though, maybe I can talk my Mom and Zkhat into a move.




  9. Tucker, my pal, it is wonderful to see you out and about in your chariot. Apparently dada was not paying attention to your need for speed as I think you were saying “move it!” In the last movie.

    Wow, is Dennis a spaz or what? Oh, and Miss Trixie, dignified as always.



  10. Mr Tucker, you look very regal and handsome in your chariot! Your special day out looked to be a good time. Too back that Dada didn’t hook Trixie & Dennis up to the dumpster, they surely could have pulled it home for you.


  11. Oh my Dog Dennis,
    what an adveshoowe! and you all made it to the holy gwail, ummm, I mean dumpstew..I love Tuckew’s chawiott..you awe most pawsome pack
    smoochie kisses


  12. First, Dennis, you have the most ginormous tongue we have ever seen on a dog your size. (And dude, you are a SPAZ! Or is ‘Vizsla’ Hungarian for ‘spaz’? 😀 ) Tucker, you have PAWSOME wheels! And how seriously cool is it that you’ve got your own chariot and servants to transport you on Grand Adventures?!? Nice to see you out and about, Tucker! We’ve heard that dumpsters to Vizslas are like the Fountain of Youth to humans. But being neither Vizsla nor human, we can’t verify that… 😉

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  13. That looks like some adventure you all went on together! I LOVE Tucker’s chariot. How sweet. 🙂

    Hey Tucker, maybe you can get your Dada to lift the dumpster onto the Costco cart, put you on top of THAT, and have Dennis and Trixie pull you around like a King while you dine on the yummy stuff you uncover in the dumpster?


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