12 Comments on “B(om)b

  1. Yes, my Om dada is spelled wrong too. Mama says it should be Ohm a measure of resistance. I say, watch out for sneaky pastel thingies with cat heads. Maggie the Vizsla


  2. Uh oh – I think someone is very close to finding out the truth about these guys. We never trusted them…. They have shifty eyes…



  3. If Dennis is smart, he will eat those dangerous pez dispensers…or throw them under the wheels of the car like the duck!


  4. Dennis is NEVER going to fall fur THIS…
    OMD WHAT did I just say???
    Must have been the triumph of HOPE over Experience talking.
    Of COURSE he will. What WAS I thinking.


  5. “We’ve got to get these people to a hospital!”
    “A hospital! What is it?”
    “It’s a big building with patients in it. But that’s not important now.”

    Oooops. Wrong quote. Let’s try this one…. “It’s buh?” “No, not a ‘buh’ a bomb!”

    Good luck with the exploding pez dispensers.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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