Tucker Tuesday: I Dig My Bed

10 Comments on “Tucker Tuesday: I Dig My Bed

  1. Getting under that blanket is tough without help from Mom! I know. I didn’t realize your tail was clipped. Sorry. I have all mine, including the white tip. Maggie the Vizsla


  2. Toby is a bed digger too, although he tends to do it at a thousand miles an hour and tear it in the process. You are much gentler Tucker, and look very cozy. 🙂


  3. Tucker, we’re sorry to say this but Buddy has you bet as a bed fluffer. He has been known to dig right through the bedding. However, we’re sure your mama and dada appreciate you being less aggressive with the bedding.


  4. Has to be just right. Who can sleep with a bit of pillow out of place?



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