tucker updayt!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo so mutch for sending tucker power of the paw and tayl wags and purrs!!! mama put together wot dada is kalling her vet dreem teem and they hav deesided to punt tucker to the derm … derma … to the skin and nail peepul in sandy eggo to posibly git a biopsee and grow a bone kultcher witch sownds like we cud grow owr own bones but probly i am misunnerstanding wot they ar tawking abowt!!! they also want to find medisin to inkreese blud flow to tuckers toes meenwile i am dooing my part by following him arownd and trying to lik his toes wenever posibul!!! mama keeps mayking me stop hay mama i am only trying to help!!! ennyway i wil let evrywun no wen i find owt more!!! ok bye

15 Comments on “tucker updayt!!!

  1. Hi Dennis! We’ll keep our paws crossed for the Tucker. It’s very nice of you to keep his toes clean for him.

    Bart and Ruby


  2. Thanks for the update on Tucker, Dennis. It’s good of you to take care of his paw for him. We hope your mama and dada’s dream team will help Tucker.


  3. Good work, Dennis! We are continuing our thoughtful POP and prays. We hope this dreem teem can fix him right up! Get well, Tucker, you can do it!

    Stella, Zkhat and Jo


  4. Still sending all our love and good wishes. I hope that the next update will have positive news and they will have found out what is causing it and know how to fix it.
    PS – love your Sandy Eggo 😀


  5. It’s good to hear that Tucker is getting lots of attention. I hope that fancy vet in Waffle Town can help him feel better!


    P.S. Do his toes taste like Fritos?


  6. Keeping my power of the paw directed at Tucker. I hope the special vets can put him to rights.



  7. I guess this answers my question about the foots wears. I like the idea of growing your own bones. Maybe I like my nylabone more than real bones so I wonder if I plant my old nylabone in the veggie garden if a nylabone plant will grow & give me more new nylabones???


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