Burgers Or Bust



Shortly Thereafter …


Later …


But Suddenly …



* Tucker had a bit of a setback this week when he started having a GI reaction to the doxycycline. He’s been off the antibiotics for several days while he recovers. We’ll be trying again with the doxycycline next week and if he still can’t tolerate it, we will move on to Plan B (or Plan C, or D, or whichever plan we’re on at this point).

14 thoughts on “Burgers Or Bust

  1. We are hoping that Plan A will still work…. Poor Tucker. Paws Crossed fur him.

    Now see this is just how we Dachshunds are… EVERYTHINGY looks like a Badger to us fur SURE… You are RIGHT… fur YOU… that was a SUPER SHORT stint in the slammer.


  2. In-and-Out AND digging you out of the joint??? We’d keep that doxie around for a while just in case. Tucker? Did you take PRO-biotics with your Doxie? Yogurt? Hoping you’re on to the next plan soon!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto


  3. What a short prison stay. So glad you got sprung before the torture started. (Going without burgers would be torture for Tucker.)

    Hope Tucker will be able to tolerate the med when it’s started again.


  4. Even if the Doxie doesn’t help with the sickies, I’d keep her around – she seems to have a VERY useful skill! And Tucker, we hope with the burgers your stomach will settle down enough to get back on your meds. Or at least set you up for the next plan.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  5. Tuckew I’m wooting that sum cyclene wowks fow you!!!
    Have yoo noticed that when sumething bad happens thewe awe aways hungawians behind it? Just asking
    Smoochie kisses


  6. Hilarious. I, too, have had Jedi struggles with Doxy. We have a mutt with skin issues related to a skin bacteria, and doxy was prescribed. Luckily it was all covered. Skip (our dog in question) became super thirsty and fidgety and neurotic. He barked a lot, nervous barking, and tried to dig holes through the floor. It was a major trip of some kind. We discontinued right around the time the skin issues cleared up. What a ride that was!


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