to the kiroprakter!!! and the room wot moovs!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel in addishun to his toe ishyooz tucker kontinyooz to reeseev his other hunnerd and seventeen treetments wot keep him spry and mobile inklooding his regyoolarly skedjoold visits to the kiropraktor home of the infamus room wot moovs!!! it has ben a wile sinse we chekd in on the room wot moovs i wunder wot it is up to theez days lets find owt!!!

wel first in order to visit the kiropraktor we hav to git in the kar and drive for a wile!!! witch we can do ennytime wunse dada gits in the kar!!!

nice pikcher of yoreself trying to tayk a pikcher of me dada!!!

aparentlee no wun informd dada that if wun tayks a pikcher thru a windo wot has the sun shining on it wun wil mostly tayk a pikcher of wunself!!! or that wun shud okayzhunaly wash the windos on wuns kar!!! or that wun kan ware a kolor shirt other then orandj!!! but i digress ha ha wel after mama reminded dada that we wer going to be layt if he didnt start driving the kar he started driving the kar and i proseeded to relaks and improov my dental hydjeen

mmm yummy nylabone keeps mister tuth dekay away!!! the astoot lissener may notiss a song playing on dadas ipod wot is abowt zombeez wich i am shoor surprises no wun!!! now yoo may be asking yorself self i see dennis in the bak seet but ware is tucker??? wel self that is an ekselent kwestchun i wunder wot the anser cud be!!!

It's Good To Be The King
It’s Good To Be The King

thats rite tucker rides in the frunt seet on mamas lap!!! not that i am poynting owt that sumwun is playing fayvrits or ennything i am just an imparshal reporter!!! wel sumhow despite the zombee songs and the poynting a kamra in the bak seet and tuckers flying feet of doom impinging on the steering weel (okay i mayd that last part up) we stil manadjd to git to the kiropraktor before they klosed and we enterd the wunse dredded room wot moovs!!!

eeven mor startling then the fakt that i went rite into the room wot moovs may be the fakt that tucker ignord the garbadj can wot sits rite owt in frunt of it!!! however the can wuz empty having ben reesently kollekted so that eksplayns that ha ha ok so wunse we got to the offiss it wuz time to awayt tuckers adjustment!!!

“I’m going to get a treat for this right? RIGHT?”

the adjustment ensood and then it wuz time to hand over the green paypers!!! evry time tucker goze ennyware green paypers seem to chayndj hands funny how that wurks!!!

"I'm still waiting for that treat.  What?  No, I didn't get one from the doctor already.  You imagined that."
“I’m still waiting for that treat. What? No, I didn’t get one from the doctor already. You imagined that.”

and then its bak to the room wot moovs!!! it moovs in too direkshuns it is like majik!!!

at the bottom of the room wot moovs we met sumwun in a weelchair hoo had a big black dog hoo wuznt verry frendly!!! they wer lukky the big black dog wuz their to protekt them frum tucker steeling there food if they had enny sinse tucker beeing a klever fello has long sinse reelized that peepul in weelchairs cant stand up to git there food owt of his reetch!!! ennyway after that it wuz bak in the kar for the trip home!!!

wots this dada??? a song wot is not abowt zombeez??? the 80s calld they want there sowndtrack bak!!! ha ha ha ha oh luk we hav not arrived at home after all we hav arrived at dexters deli!!! ware an old dog is on the lookowt for sumwun!!! hello old dog!!!

"Dad?  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?"
“Mom? Dad? Mom? Dad? Mom? Dad?”

wel the old dog wuz a gud boy and just sat their looking arownd wile me and tucker hedded for dexters deli and a nice kold drink!!! hay tucker wot goes with drinks??? oh i no!!! treets!!!

hay tucker wot goes with treets??? more treets!!!

wel wunse tucker finishd nokking over the treet jar a fyoo times it wuz on to dexters deli and shopping!!!

unfortchoonatly with tuckers delikat gas … gastro … wel ennyway becuz of his tummy kondishun he kannot akchooally eet enny of that stuf rite now!!! but he gits to eet turkee and rice noodels and more turkee and bananas and more turkee so he duz all rite!!! ennyway dada loded up the kar with dog food and treets and wotnot and it wuz time to go home for joyus reeyoonyun with trixie hoo wuz left beehind to gard the howse!!! or posibly to sleep on the kowtch!!! saym diffrense!!!

eeven tho it is nice to go owt shopping its also nice to git home ware yoo can run arownd like a loonatik!!! ok bye

18 thoughts on “to the kiroprakter!!! and the room wot moovs!!!

  1. Of all of the things you pointed out, the hu-dad seemed most interested in the fact that the humans were wearing shorts and sandals. We told him he could, too, but he muttered something about it being 11 degrees and there being a foot of snow on the ground. And he thinks we whine sometimes.


  2. I noticed your mama smashing you into the wall of the room that moves so that she could go out first. That happens to me a lot too. Momma says “ME FIRST!” Arg!

    Tucker is looking very frisky. I guess the adjustments are helping. He is also handy to have around for opening treat jars.

    I’m not sure Trixie was all that please with dada for giving her a “pretty girl” instead of a cookie. After all, she did her job and guarded your estate.



  3. Wow you are brave dogs – I would never enter the room that moves ;o) First I was afraid about Tucker’s tail and the door of the moving thingy – but then I saw he Isn’t in danger ;o)


  4. Hey, Dennis, good report on your family outing with Tucker. I love those moveable rooms and wish we had one in our house. Like walking into a closet and winding up, upstairs. That would be sooo great! I suppose Zkhat would be in it all the time since she is the one who goes upstairs most!
    Tucker is looking good, and its plain he is milking his old age for all he can get. Who can blame him, I can’t!

    Cheers and hugs to the whole family and especially you, Dennis, who keeps us so well informed about whats going on!

    Stella, Mom and Zkhat


  5. Hiding doggie trieats in a doggie bathroom is indeed fiendish.

    We were wondering…we can read Dennis’ narratives as easily as we can read anything else that is on the web. Easier than some.

    Should we worry?


  6. Dennis, I don’t think we can count the room that moves as one of your nemeses anymore! You have that one completely under control. I’m betting your harness came from the same place as the harness I’ve been wearing lately, but of course mine is pink!

    Are you sure your dada isn’t trying to steal the limelight and become a blog star? That’s how it starts, with innocent photo bombs and “accidental” self portraits, you know!



  7. Wow that Treat Hider thingy’s TOP just POPPED right off. Love the room that moves… WE like those thingys. Hope that the kiroprakter’s adjustments make Tucker feel like a Pup again.


  8. Hey, Dennis, so good of you to go with Tucker for moral support. I also go to a chiropractor because, like you, I fancy myself a bit of a superhero. I’m a cross between The Flash (aka the Scarlet Speedster) and Spiderman except that my paws aren’t sticky enough and that’s what leads to the topsy-turvey ooopsies!

    You’re looking great, Tucker. BTW, I know your breeder-mom. Next time I see her I’ll have to ask if she knows that her “California Kid” is a movie star! Hope your tummy is feeling better.

    Trixie, you appeared especially excited to be “reunited” with the big bag of treats – hope you were well-paid for your guarding duties.


  9. Dexter has a deli in Sandy Eggo? Wow, that Dexter is an enterprising chap. And I bet he gives you a best buddy discount, huh? And Tucker, we think you totally deserve to ride in your Momma’s lap. Dennis is probably a seat hog, and your Momma’s lap is probably quite a bit more comfy than being kicked by Dennis while he chomps on whatever he is chomping on. We are quite impressed with your abilities to master the room wot moovs.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  10. Thanks so much for sharing all these great videos Dennis. Sounds like you and Tucker had a great day. I know they played favorites by letting him be in the front seat and all, but at least they took you, not like Trixie since she had to work and all. (Or sleep.) 🙂

    I loved seeing you be so waggy in the room that moves. And as for that hydrant, any foodie like Tucker would never be fooled by such a silly disguise. The nose always knows! 🙂

    It stinks that he couldn’t have all the goodies at the store, but I bet all that turkey makes up for it.


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