a skolarly treetis on why dogs doo not belong in the air!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wot with tuckers paw ishyoos theez days a lot of times he gits pikd up and kerreed arownd by mama and dada and evry time they pik him up i start barking at them to put him down and they just laff and say that i am saying dog in the air!!! dog in the air!!! but dogs do not belong in the air and this is why!!!

okay before diskussing why dogs do not belong in the air first we need to hav a breef diskushun of the fenomenon nown as gravitee now yoo may no gravitee as beeing wot kawzes appels to fall owt of treez and land on peepuls heds and wile this is troo it is only a simptom it is not the kawz the reel kawz of gravitee is the bending of spayse and time arownd lardj objekts sutch as the erth as shown in this pikcher in witch the erth is abowt to be destroyd by a jiant satelite wot is shaypd like a fly!!!

aiiieeee its hedding rite for us!!!
aiiieeee its hedding rite for us!!!

hmm that jiant satelite is a littel bit disterbing ok lets try this lets think of gravitee as beeing a donut wot surrownds the erth!!!

mmmm donut
mmmm donut

now sinse as i menshund gravitee is a feetcher of large objekts tuckers opinyun of himself also has kwite a bit of gravitee!!! so let us pikcher tucker in the middel of a donut wot has ben akyoomyoolayted by his vast self regard!!!

tuckers dreem comes troo

now as yoo can see if … ummm if tucker is in the air then … ummm … then he eets a donut … hmmm i hav kind of lost my trayn of thawt for this skolarly treetis abowt why dogs shud not be in the air let me do sum more reesertch and git bak to yoo!!! ok bye

Later …


16 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on why dogs doo not belong in the air!!!

  1. wow that’s a great theory Dennis… who want’s to pick me up in the air? (I hope Tucker hasn’t eaten the whole Doughnut – or is a Doughnut a kind of renewable resources?) All my best wishes for Tucker’s paw :o)


  2. I’d like to see anybody pick me up. Maybe some big wresslers could do it, but not the ordinary person and definitely not my Mom, Even little Zkhat doesn’t like being picked up (it somehow has a bad connotation to her) say, those doughnuts looked nice and fresh,where did Dennis get them? I wouldn’t mind a few of those. Tell Tucker to take care and we want to see him better soonest!

    Stella, Zkhat and Mom


  3. OKAY…. BUTT WE still Don’t understand how the AUSSIES keep from falling OFF the EARTH and HOW they manage to walk UPSIDE Down like they do. It is all very much confusing to us… guess we will have to watch some more episodes of Big Bang Theory.


  4. I think, Dennis, you may be confusing gravity and magnetism. Magnetism is the one that looks like a donut around the earth. For Tucker I am sure gravity is like a donut at the center of the earth which is to say the farther he is from it then the faster he will move towards it. Unless you have uncovered the unified donut theory in which case you must let everyone know.


  5. Hmmm…. after reading your skolarly treetis… I guess I am more confused!
    But…. I know about being a dog in the air…. but…. donuts around the earth???
    Ahem…. let me go and have somthing for breakfast and maybe with a tummy full of goodies I could think better about all this!
    Have a great sunday!
    Kisses and hugs


  6. Funny how those treatises can get derailed, isn’t it? How does Tucker feel about being in the air? Are you just reinforcing his complaints or do you just complain as a matter of principle?

    Finally, can you pass me a doughnut?



  7. Hey Dennis! Guess what! Today I went to the beach and I met two vizsla dogs and they let me chase their ball with them and they ran really fast and so did I and now I’m sleepy!



  8. Oh donuts makes gravity happen? Dennis I has learned so much from yoo – yoo shud teach dog training school! Now I has to find sum donut, thhat luked gud!

    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!!

    An update on the shelter – so far a total of 14 cats were lost to the virus. The virus has been kept at bay and so far none has passed since last week. The dogs have gotten the OK to leave the shelter in to foster homes. We had a touch and go with one cat but the vet worked hard and kept him alive. This virus is worse than most of calici virus seen. =(


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