reepeet sunday the rat did it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i think this is the last weekend ware we wil hav owr howsgests i hav herd tawk abowt sootkayses and i hav seen pakkages beeing tayken owt to be mayld bak eest so now i hav to be ekstra vidjilant to mayk shoor owr visitters dont forgit to giv me treets!!! i meen that tucker duznt steel food frum them wen they ar not lukking!!! so heer is wun last reepeet frum way bak in the mithikal yeer too thowsand ate wen evrywun thawt my sister trouble the kitty had had a stroak altho it finaly ternd owt she was just veryy verry konstipayted!!! she rekuverd and went on to terrorize me and try to konker the wurld for another three and a haff yeerz until she went away to joyn her sister pooh bear over the rainbow bridj!!! ok bye

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

something weerd iz happning to trouble the kitty last nite she wuz staggring arownd the howse like she didnt no where she wuz she had her tale down insted of strait up like normal she almost fell down a kupl of times she wuznt making a sownd and weerdest of all she let me sniff her withowt hissing or smaking me and she even let tucker the other vizsla dog lik her on the face

i dont no whuts rong with her i thawt the rat mite hav slipt her a mickey befor the trap got him but i herd mama and dada tawking and they sed she had a stroak i dont no why thats bad i like stroak espeshly on my eers and showldrs but maybe its diffrent for kitties ennyway mama and dada wer suppozd to go owt last nite but insted they stayd home and trouble the kitty slept on dadas lap for a kupl of owrs wich is also weerd becuz she usualy likes to sleep on the bak of the kowch

today she seemz more like normal she pulld away when i tried to snif her and she ate her stinky brekfast and her tale is strait up agin and shes not staggering so much but mama and dada sed trouble is going to the vetnamese place today i wood tell her to watch owt for the guy in the wite kote but i dont speak kitty ennyway i hope she gets bettr soon i like having kitties arownd even if they do think their bettr than me ok bye

The Kitty ICU

5 thoughts on “reepeet sunday the rat did it

  1. OMD Dennis you say that Trouble was FULL OF IT ??? Oh how we miss the MANY things that Trouble did… thanks fur the 2008 Flash Back. It was fun. Okay Bye


  2. No idea why we just found this in our sp-m file, but thanks for the trip down memory lane with Trouble. We don’t remember this story but we, unfortunately, do remember her passing. Hope all your guard duty pays off and you get lots of treats as they visitors leave.


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