mama and dada went to see wurld and all i got wuz nuthing!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wile dadas mama and dada were heer visitting they all got to go owt and see the wunderful sites of suthern kalifornya inklooding see wurld in the mithikal sitty of sandy eggo and wot did i git to do??? i got to stay home!!! but of korse beeing a verry enterpizing set of dogs we konspired to partisipayt despite beeing lokd in the howse with no car keys chek it owt!!!

well immeedyatly upon entring see wurld mama and dada wer set upon by a jiant afrikan porkyoopine!!! becuz nuthing sez see wurld like a lardj spiny land mammal!!!

aparently this littel fello wuz owt on his leesh for wawkeez i can respekt that

and immeedyatly thereafter they wer set upon by a flok of flamingoz!!!


and immeedyatly thereafter they wer set upon by seegulz!!! witch at leest seems more in keeping with the hole premiss of see wurld then flamingos or porkyoopinez duznt it???

kwite posibly the only kreetcher wot is greedier then tucker

now of korse wun duz not go to see wurld to see porkyoopinez and flamingoz seegulz wun goze to see wurld to see shamu!!! the astoot reeder mite remember that shamu and i ar old enemeez on akkownt of how i thwarted his plan to kawz the erth to be insinerayted by the sun but it seems he has givin up his eevil ways in fayvor of swimming arownd in a tank entertayning childrin and menasing small waterkraft!!!

sorry cheef brody eeven a bigger bote is not going to help

now why wood shamu giv up a life of krime for a life of klowning arownd for the kids??? why for treets of korse!!!


and wot duz shamu do wen tucker eets all his treets??? he moons the awdiense thats wot!!!

yoo ar all so going to git soakd

that wuz verry impressiv tayk a bow shamu!!! and yoo too shamu!!! and yoo too … wayt how menny shamus ar their???

eeven viddyo treets ar not sayf frum tucker!!! eeven wen they ar not treets but ar in fakt seeshelz and rocks and wotever!!!

wel that wuz kind of kreepy that their ar that menny shamus!!! lets go see sumthing else how abowt the belooga wails??? perhaps they hav forgiven me by now for that unfortchoonat insident with greenpeas a fyoo yeerz bak!!!


hmm wel it seems like the belooga wails ar too bizzy to eksplayn wot the deel is with shamu and ennyway it is almost time for the mayn attrakshun thats rite its the see wurld pet show!!! now apparentlee this involvs triks and stunts dun by animalz wot hav ben tayken in as reskyews from the hyoomane sosietee or wotever and as yoo can see theez animals liv in paradise!!!


jiant kans of fud!!! jiant bags of fud!!! a jiant sneeker!!! a jiant parakeet selling treets!!! and luk they eeven hav speshul seeting for dogs and kats and pigs and ducks and pidjins and wotnot!!!



wot a playse!!! at this poynt me and tucker wer just abowt reddy to moov rite in!!!




and luk!!! they hav set up adjilitee eekwipment!!! now is my chanse to show evrywun how i do the weev polez and the tunnel and the — oh wayt wot is this they hav their own weev pole champeeon!!!

wel that wuz ummm that wuz mmmm that wuz bacon!!! it is not going to be eezy to top bacon dooing adjilitee i bet they dont eeven try to holy kow wot is that??!?!?!

wow i wonder wot hyoomayn sosietee they go to!!! i didnt no yoo cud git emus and kangarooz from the animal shelter!!! wel that wuz pritty mutch the end of the trip to see wurld altho i think a kuple of those parrots hav sum unfinishd bizness!!!


wel it mite be a hotbed of animal reevendj but at leest it is not as krowded as dizneeland!!! ok bye

11 thoughts on “mama and dada went to see wurld and all i got wuz nuthing!!!

  1. Now I know why birds poop on your car when y ou go to these places. Its because they can’t get front row seats! The things you can learn from Dennis the V.!



  2. That action scene looked dangerous. No barrier between the humans and all those nutty cats and bouncing things. So many zoomies!

    Why am I not surprised that Tucker managed to get those virtual treats?

    Looks like your mama and dada had total funballs. All without you.



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