19 thoughts on “What A Drag It Is …

  1. Sorry, Tucker, that you have to go through this, but its good you have Mama and Dada there to help you whenever you need it. Fluids are very important and help you be well!

    Stella and Zkhat


  2. Hey Tucker! I got to go to the spa on Friday and walk on the underwater treadmill. Thank goodness for our moms who take good care of their handsome *senior* dogs!



  3. Tucker you are lucky to have Visitors while you have your fluids. Not boring this way. AND EDUCATIONAL too.


  4. Tucker, dude! The old spa treatment, eh? Man, that is kind of not cool, but it sure beats the alternative, right? Do you have a hump back now? Your mama and dada are the best. They’re taking such good care of you. Just relax, drink the fluids, and keep that Dennis in line.



  5. Hey Tucker!
    Wow, I’m so very sorry to hear you have some sickies, but looks like the right things are happening for you! I’m packing up a whole big truckload of healing vibes to ship off your way. I know they’ll help you feel better asap. You sure are taking this in stride and I gotta say I wouldn’t trust a mouse either. Nurse yes, mouse no. BOL Feel better soon!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  6. Hope the thinner needle feels better Tuck…and is easier for your mom to handle too! And tell that mouse at your age you deserve to be an incredibly spoiled canine. 🙂


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