16 thoughts on “If At First You Don’t Succeed

  1. You guys are going about this all wrong. Your problems are an inherent fear of thunderstorms and once you overcome that, the world is your oyster. I suggest you attend our Thunder Support Group the second Saturday of every month. We have knowledgeable speakers to help you, plus a smorgasbord of good eats, and the fellowship of your pals who have admittted their problems. Come on June 8th, spend
    the day and get help underway!spend the day and get your days of good health underway!

    Your buddy,
    Stella and Zkhat


  2. If only Twouble wewe thewe still, thewe woold be no confooshunand plenty of fish and chips, sigh. I think yoo need at least a catewew fow the next meeting..it’s so distwacting to have gwumbly tummies.
    btw Dennis, i don’t know about the twain, but those owchestwa hoomans did play a waltz doowing dinnew in Boo da Pest
    Soochie kisses


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