joyus reeyoonyun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud nooz!!! the vetnameez hospital kalld not long ago and sed tucker had awaykend and wuz lowdly demanding to come home after beeing in the intensiv kare yoonit overnite gitting flooids and meds and wotnot!!! he wil be bak on the majikal pil baytril for three weeks so yoo no wot that meens ekstra daily treets for tucker and he wil hav to go bak for another eks marks the spot ray before he is dun with the baytril but the prognosis seems gud or as wun of the peepul at the vetnameez hospital sed to dada “tucker luks a hunnerd persent better today becuz yesterday he wuz lukking pritty skarry”!!! yes miss hospital employee yes he did!!! and heer is tucker to us all abowt wot happend to him!!!

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