dogs abowt town!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after my imadjinaree toor of the faymus boo park in the mithikal sitty of carbondale i thawt it wood be nice to shayr sum pikchers of an akchooal toor arownd oshunside!!! i hav not ben going to the harbor so mutch on akkownt of it is toorist seezun witch duz not meen we git to hunt them ha ha it meens they go to the beetch and the harbor and spend green paypers but they do not giv the green paypers to me so as far as i am konsernd they ar just in the way!!! but i digress!!! my poynt wuz that trixie and i hav ben going on short toors of owr ded end street insted of going to the harbor!!!  tucker stil duz not hav the enerdjee for wawking mutch so he has ben holding down the fort at home!!!

“This is my neighborhood. I patrol it. I own it.”
“I can see my house from here.”
“The area is certified perpetrator-free. Let’s roll.”

wunse trixie has given the all kleer we can git in the car and go withowt feer of beeing akkosted by roving bands of roving car akkosrting eevil perpetrators!!!  at leest that is wot trixie tels me!!!

wen traveling enny distanse by car it is verry importent to mayk shoor yoo keep an emerdjensee supply of stuffies in the bak seet!!!

wunse in the car with its emerdjensee supply of stuffies it is a short drive to downtown oshunside!!!  oshunside has reesently bilt menny noo strukshurs along the beetch in an attempt to be a bit more upskale!!!

theez ar condos or sumthing and they probly cost more then owr entire howse!!!
that is the oshunside peer!!! dogs are not allowd on it!!! dada wunse tried to eet at the rubys diner at the end of the peer but got seesik frum the moshun of the waves hitting the peer and had to leev!!! way to demonstrayt yore see legs dada!!!

on the other side of the street frum the oshun ar yet more condos wot ar too ekspensiv to liv in!!!


aparentlee wun of the things wot mayks a downtown upskayl is not parking veehikuls over seven feet hi on the streets their!!!


wun mite suspekt it is to stop peepul frum parking campers and traktor traylers but yoo and i no the reel sort of peepul they ar trying to keep owt!!!


wel wile those hilbilleez hedded on north to beverly hills me and trixie and dada and mama just hung owt in the shayd in this nice littel park!!!  lets all pose for a nice pikcher with dada!!!


we spent sum time sitting in the grass wile mama gave me treets evry time passersby passd by on the bypass wot passd by the park!!!

yes ha ha it shoor is nice sitting heer with trixie and mama and dada ha ha
say mama cud yoo pleez reemind dada that the blog is calld dennises diry of destrukshun not trixies tales of blokking the kameras vyoo of dennis???
dada!!! this is not my gud side!!!

wel eventchooally we ended up going down to the beetch towards sunset wen it wuz less krowded so i cud do a bit of trayning sinse dogs ar not allowd on the sand i had to stay on the seement of the piknik areea witch is owtraydjus diskriminayshun if yoo ask me!!!  altho i am shoor if tucker wer heer he wood hav ben happy to skrowndj under the piknik taybels for foodables!!!

mmm yummy hoo wood not want to eet their foods off a surfass wot has ben yoozd as a toylet by jenerayshuns of birds???
trixie mayks shoor their ar no see monsters or ninja hedjhogs in the water wile mama and i prepayr to wurk!!!
hay!!! kanoodlers!!! git a room!!!
gratooitus dog-free sunset shot!!!

wunse trayning wuz kompleet it wuz time to reetern to the car hi hi hi abuv the oshun on the bluffs!!!

and weeeeeeeer buyyyyiiinnngggg a starewayyyyyyy bak to the kar!!!!

of korse they wood not be stares if their wuz not ennything to stare at!!!

“You laugh now, squirrels, but once I squeeze my head between these supports you’ll pay. Oh yes, you’ll pay.”
hay mama i am not shoor i like theez steps on akkownt of they ar just the flat parts and i can see thru them to the preesipitus drop below!!!

but it terns owt that eeven stares ar a trayning opportoonitee!!!

oh their ar treets for going up the stares??? why didnt yoo say so???

and that konkloods owr grand toor of downtown oshunside!!!  bak to the kar we go!!!

hay dada i think sumbuddy mite notiss that yoo reesykled the kar pikcher frum the beginning of the post heer at the end of it!!!  not that i wood be the wun to poynt it owt to them!!!

and that is how we rol heer in the mithikal sitty of oshunside dooring toorist seezun!!!  ok bye

9 thoughts on “dogs abowt town!!!

  1. Thanks for inviting me to your town Dennis & Triexie. That’s a very nice place – it looks cool. I’m not allowed at our oceanview and the beach too – mom says that’s not bad, because I could get an ouchie from the trash the humans throw in the sand.


  2. Ok, so I know this blog is about Dennis and not about Trixie blocking pictures of Dennis, but we also have a question for the Dada, so we will violate the rules in another way. You got seasick on a pier??????? We highly recommend avoiding boats. Just saying.


  3. We will NEVER and I mean NEVER eat on a picnic table near the ocean again. Or even sit on one. Or go near one. Thanks a lot, Dennis.


  4. First, we’ve got to go with the Herd here. We’re thinking your Dada might want to consider eating at a location a tad more removed from the ocean. Like, Nebraska, for instance. (Seriously? A pier? Ah well…) We’re mystified by this Sandy Eggo place – no dogs on the beach? What kind of totalitarian regime runs this place? It allows canoodlers to canoodle, but no dogs on the beach? Sounds very much like watery tarts have been handing out swords… And finally, once you got home, did you guys check the pantry to make sure Tucker hadn’t cleaned you out while he was “holding down the fort”? 😉

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  5. Hey Trixie… Good on You fur making sure it was SAFE before everybuddy got out of the Veehickul. THIS was a grrrreat day.. except fur the outrajus diskrimunashun of not allowing you onto the sand pawt.


  6. It looks like you had a furry nice walk around oshunside. Mom doesn’t miss living in sandy ego in the summer, butt sure does miss October and November there.

    Bart, Ruby and Otto


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