if yoo ar tucker yoo ar now free to breethe freely!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay tuckers followup xrays ar in and they hav reeveeld that his lungs ar now kleer of aspirayted flooid!!! he wil remayn on antibiotiks for anuther munth as a prekawshun but it luks like he has pulld off yet another amayzing rekuveree!!! dada sez tucker has more lives then a cat witch is just crazy tawk sinse trouble got to be twenny and tucker is stil a fyoo munths shy of fifteen but stil he is haynging in their!!! thank yoo evrywun for sending the power of the paw the purr the whee the whisker and the tail wag and thanks to the nice vetnameez peepul at kalifornya vetnameez speshalists wot helpd pull tucker thru!!! ok bye

17 thoughts on “if yoo ar tucker yoo ar now free to breethe freely!!!

  1. Hey Dennis, tell Tucker that Stella and Co. will keep the power of the paw at 87% and our recovery prayers at 82% for the next month or so. Keep us up on how he is doing, because we can ramp these up if needed. Cheers, Stella and Zkhat


  2. Good news. I suspect it is his exercise program that keeps him strong enough to fight off all those bad things. If Trouble kitty lived 20 years, then so shall Tucker.

    Mango Momma


  3. YEA Yipppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bravo to you TUCKER!! THIS is super wonderful nooze fur shur. Ok, Bye


  4. Hi there Dennis. So glad to hear that Tucker has pulled through and made an amazing recovery. Sorry I’ve been absent from your posts of late but I’ve not had internet connection. Back for the time being, though and it’s always good to catch up with you


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