Tucker Tuesday: Shark Week

Tucker’s follow-up X-Rays, performed yesterday, have revealed that his lungs are now clear of aspirated fluid. His appetite has returned, but he is still down several pounds that he can ill-afford to have lost. At the moment he is on a diet of pretty much exclusively high-calorie Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried patties, rehydrated in water so he can get them down more easily. Tucker thinks that’s pretty grand.

And what does Dennis get? A case of the envies.

16 thoughts on “Tucker Tuesday: Shark Week

  1. WHAT ???? you didn’t even get to lap up the reconstitutionaleyesed liquid??? What is up with THAT… ?????????? BUTT we are sooooooooo happy that TUCKER is better.


  2. We are very happy to hear that Tucker is doing better. We have that same problem here, Dennis. The old boy Phantom gets all sorts of extras while Ciara and Lightning just have to watch and drool. Mom keeps saying we will have our day when we hit 14.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. Dennis, I say you have the puppy dog eyes totally perfected! I think it’s actually illegal to refuse a dog as cute as you a single bite of that tasty stuff. If I were you, I’d call the authorities! I also noticed that no humans were risking their fingers during the making of this video. If they’re going to play shark music, I think we’re entitled to see a little blood!



  4. So glad to see Tucker so snap-happy! Wise decision to use a fork! Ohhh, those sad eyes, Dennis…what a good brother you are.


  5. Yay for the good news about Tucker’s x-rays and hope the chum puts his weight back on. Loved the video…and good thinking just watching the feeding frenzy. I wouldn’t get between that dog and is food, by the looks of it…you might lose an ear.


  6. Your mama has slippers just like my mama. Even the same color. What are the odds?

    That movie was a little scary. Tucker dog can really be dangerous with foodables around.



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