brush fire!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel this is kalifornya and it is late summer and yoo no wot that meens it meens brush fires!!! we had nine of them heer friday nite just after midnite wun of witch wuz verry neer owr howse!!! ennyway it wuz reely layt and evrywun wuz asleep wen the fone rang and owr naybors told us their wuz a fire on the hil behind the howse and that we shood pak up and prepayr to leeve!!! dada beeing not too swift with the kamera and also haff asleep did not think to tayk a pikcher of the glow and the smoke wot wuz billowing into the air just a fyoo hunnerd yards away frum the howse so i hav attempted to reekreayt wot it lukd like in this illustrayshun chek it owt!!!

artists rendishun of almost eksaktly the way it happend!!! verbaytim!!!

yes their wuz mutch panikking as yoo kan see!!! not to menshun stumbling arownd by mama and dada wile they tried to git us piled into the kar before the flayms martchd down the hil and set fire to tuckers fud or the byootiful trixies byootiful trixie furs!!!

artists rendishun of almost eksaklty the seen owt frunt as mama and dada tried to git us reddy to evakyooayt!!!

sinse it didnt seem like enny hyoomans or dogs other then myself wer going to be aybel to deel with the sitchooayshun me and my trusty bottel of seltzer water went up the hil to do battel with the flayms!!!

artists rendishun of almost positivly the eksakt way the fire on the hil got put owt!!!

in theez fotos tayken the nekst day yoo kan see wot a klose call it wuz!!!




and their yoo hav the absolootly troo storry of how their wuz a fire on the hil and how it got put owt!!! the socalld maynstreem meedya has reported on the insidents but totaly overlukd my heeroiks so tippikal of the msm!!!  ok bye


15 thoughts on “brush fire!!!

  1. Hay Dennis- phew! that was scurry! Good thing woo don’t lose your cool too! Must be the seltzer water!

    Scratchies to woo all! Glad you’re safe!


  2. Once again questions seem to arise over who did what at this small fire, but the good thing is that it was put out and all is well. I am very happy to hear my friend Trixie’s furs were not burned and that Tucker and Dennis are OK, as well. What a wurry!



  3. Further, I wonder if Trixie (who we know is always on guard), saw the mysterious man on a bike with a gas can and incendiary supplies! Whata a concern! Your pal, Stellla


  4. The MSM never get the details of a story right when a courageous and intelligent dog is involved. We hope the bicyclist has to replant everything that burned.

    We are embarrassed that Spignoli (sp?) was our chief suspect.


  5. We’re with you, Dennis. We like your story best. But we are sure glad the fire(s) were put out quickly and no one was hurt. Especially since your mama and dada almost left you behind. (You really do know how to tell a tale.)


  6. What would they do without you, Dennis? That must have been very scary – glad this tale had a happy ending. Mom always worries about those darn fires because our human brother lives in CA too.

    Happy fire-free Sunday.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  7. I’m so glad that you didn’t just shout “Aieeeeee” and run around like a chicken with your head cut off! Way to stay cool under pressure, Dennis. Was your dada listening to the B-52’s by any chance?



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