Is It Sunday Already?

* Dennis is listening to the Master’s Voice noise desensitization program.

17 Comments on “Is It Sunday Already?

  1. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY…… DENNIS you look like you are PAW Sessed by those sounds.


  2. Sometimes I feel bad that I can’t hear the voices, etc on the web . . . .but if it is that Dennis is snoring, I could get along without that 4-ever!



  3. Good luck with that listening device, Dennis. Now don’t let them start putting strange thoughts in yer head about the coming end of days or anything like that. No way. You’re safe and sound –no pound in sight. night night


  4. Dennis, you better hope that the subliminal message cds don’t get mixed up otherwise you might start thinking you are a “strong confident woman.”


  5. P.S. I showed the video to my hubby and he was wondering if it might have been the Grey Goose that got Dennis snoozing? 😉


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