Tucker Tuesday: The Shabby Cave

Your shabby cave,

It is a scam.
I will not use it
Sam I Am.

10 Comments on “Tucker Tuesday: The Shabby Cave

  1. You tell ’em, Tucker! If it’s not to your specifications, ignore it. If they try to dismantle it, defend your right to have it even though you won’t use it.


  2. Tell it like it IS Tucker.
    WE think you need a MUCH better Cave than THOSE… the LEAST they could do would be to hang some CAMO Material over the Entrance…
    You COULD threaten to bring in some TREE BRANCHES… or Palm Fronds. THAT would make your Cave more.. acceptable.


  3. Awww come on, where are the ‘sides’?! Every cave needs SIDES! that’s a sad excuse for a cave by any name. You hang tough Tucker. Least those humans could do is drop a blankie over the table and make it touch the floor on threee sides. Cave’s need to be cozy, not opend ended. Tsk Tsk. My human’s kids know more about caves than your full grown ones for sure. Those two munchkins took over the top shelf in large closet for a while. It was a great cave–dark and snug, safe with only ONE opening. Okay, I’ve done my part to help you out, Tucker. chow down dude


  4. It does look sketchy Tucker. Under the desk is so much more inviting. Lots of wires to wrap around your feet so you can send the computer flying when your humans are using it too much for your liking.


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