Powdering UR Nose: U R Doin It Rong

A bag of food-grade diatomaceous earth spilled on the patio several months ago. Ever since, Dennis has been using it to take dust baths, as if he were a chinchilla.

13 Comments on “Powdering UR Nose: U R Doin It Rong

  1. I can’t imagine being alarmed at ANY of the things Dennis does, and I would encourage you to adopt the same attitude. Dennis is our boy, always just a little different, maybe the Hungarian in him, who knows? Carry on, Dennis!

    Your pal,



  2. Dennis, we’re proud of you. For once you’re using your head … er, actually, from the looks of you, you’re using your butt.. Diatomacioeus earth kills critters. However, knowing you, you’re probably rolling in it to confuse your mama and dadad.


  3. Dennis, that is not going to fool anyone into thinking that you have taken a bath! I think you have to make sure to cover your whole body for that to happen….



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