13 thoughts on “Alligator Lizards In The Air

  1. It may have kept you from turning to stone, Dennis, but I’m pretty sure there won’t by any hugging going on with it around your neck! Ewwww…

    Monty and Harlow


  2. I don’t bark at lizards mainly because I have never seen one. I think they like a warmer climate than we have which, judging from the looks of of big one, I am very glad. Take it easy, Dennis, and give my best to the beautiful Trixie.



  3. Hey DENNIS… you should SELL that poop… you would make 87 bazillion bucks with it.

    Now about that chucker thingy… we are not sure that is the right course of action… we see DISASTER in the making here buddy… Better re-consider your choice there.


  4. Oh nose, Dennis! Mom’s got that stoopid song in her head and it won’t stop….hmmmm, maybe I can get her to drive me to the beach. That’s the way we go – on the Ventura Highway…



  5. HELLO DENNIS! I is Jake!! Listen, dem lizard men, they is scary. I mean,, I watches them on TV a documentary called Land of the Lost – dey spits the tongues out and talk and walk. They also has crazy stones and necklaces – tho the necklace looks neat. So Dennis be furry careful of dem things.


    I is Jake!!


  6. Dennis- Don’t forget to roll in that green baggie. It is so much better. Then when you bonk the petrification lizard you well have even more super powers. the spirit of Maggie the Vizsla


  7. A mishap with a poop bag sound smelly. Are you are the lizard wasn’t giving you grief about the stench? Hmm???
    What’s with all this poop anyway? Someone have issues with their compost piles? toot toot


  8. Oh c’mon – we CLEARLY saw that your toes were crossed when you promised to stop barking at the lizard cousins, and promises made with crossed toes are SO not valid. But flinging poop bags at the lizard cousins sounds like fun, too…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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