16 thoughts on “Build A Better Mousetrap

  1. Excellent idea, Tucker! Or perhaps an easier way to do this is to snitch all the candy Mama and Dada bought for the children, hide it and eat it on your own. That gets you away from the outraged parents of children you steal from. Just a thought! Happy Halloween to you, Trixie and Dennis!


  2. Tucker, you were born on halloween huh? No wonder you’ve got such as sweet tooth! Don’t rough the little ones up too much, but I do hope you score some goodies.

    As for poor Dennis, I hope their isn’t a ghost or something caught in that fridge. Or worse, a vengeful parakeet set on scaring you to death…


  3. Tucker it disturbs us to admit this… butt WE think that since You are a HOWL O Ween Puppy and all… and the Evil little Predators DO get WAY more Candy than their PAWRENTS Dental insurance can deal with… WE believe that YOU are ENTITLED to Roll them fur their TREATS on THIS, YOUR FIFTEENTH Birfday. We feel that you Deserve the experience… and OH YES… Throw up in Dennis’ Bed.. NOT your own.
    GO FUR IT BUDDY!!! Go fur it with GUSTO.


  4. You go, Tucker. It’s time someone taught those evil perpetrators a lesson by dishonoring your birthday and not sharing their loot with youl


  5. Hi Dennis, nice to meet ya! Thanks for stopping by our blog today and leaving a comment. So your Dad is from Utica. What a small world. We love all New Yorkers!!

    Hope you’re having a pawsome day!

    Lily Belle & Muffin


  6. Hey Tucker, if, for some reason, you zoning laws don’t allow you to trap kids on your property, send that mousetrap our direction – we’ve got ROUS! (Of course, we also have a trap Mom calls Old Sparky – which is probably also against your zoning laws…). Hey, it’s your 15th birthday – Mom’s belief is that when you are an elder statesman, you are entitled to eat Whatever You Want. Seriously. (Well, anything that isn’t poison, that is…)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  7. You are a formidable force, Tucker!

    The nerve of those kids coming to your house every year on your birthday and teasing you with candy! Since the fridge sounds like it is already on board, I think you should set up a haunted house so Dennis & Trixie can frighten the little twerps while you covertly steal all their candy!


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