Tucker Thursday: The Big One Five

What Tucker Actually Does On His Birthday

What Tucker Dreams About On His Birthday


29 Comments on “Tucker Thursday: The Big One Five

  1. Happy Happy Big One Five Tucker!!! Hope your peeps bought you lotta nice nice NOMS NOMS NOMS. Our friend Bunny sent us overs. Happy a great one and Happy HowlOWeens!! Stay safe!


  2. Yeah, Tucker! We like that about living longer if you have more birthdays. And you’re still celebrating them. Happy Birthday! And lots of pleasant dreams.


  3. HAHAHAHAHA! We love the scientific statement of fact! Happy Birthday, O Venerable one! You know once you get to be this age, you get to do Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want, right?!? We’ll make sure your parents understand this, if they don’t already! Have a great day, and make sure Trixie keeps Dennis away from all your goodies!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAY # 15 Tucker.
    See those young’uns just gotta LEARN to Trust the WISDOM Of their Elders.


  5. Happy Birthday to our oldest grand dog and best tail wagger ever!!!
    Love, Mimmier & Grandpa


  6. Happy Birthday Tucker, old guy. We hope your day is filled with scritches, treats, and love. And that Dennis doesn’t steal any of them. Daisy, Roscoe, Mouse and Annie


  7. Happy Birthday Tucker. We are wishing you the best birthday ever. Sleep in, eat in bed, stay up late & party, party, party. May your special day be blessed with much love. Bark, bark, woof, woof!
    Vegas, Zippy & Zoom (Brian & Joanne)


  8. Tucker! Do you know how old 15 is in people years? I think its about 23, so party hearty, have lots of fun and look forward to being 16!



  9. Happy Birthday, sweet Tucker! We hope you got everything that you wished for!

    Monty and Harlow


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