Trixie Thursday: Chillin’, Barkin’ At Nothin’

14 Comments on “Trixie Thursday: Chillin’, Barkin’ At Nothin’

  1. Egads! Dennis’ Ninja Hedgehogs are real!!! I mean, what else could you be barking at, Trixie? Silly human, thinking you are barking at nothing. But you are a pretty girl. And on alert for those Ninja Hedgehogs. 🙂

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  2. Bark all you like, Beautiful Trixie, and just keep them all on their toes. Are you coming to Minniesnowda this winter for a visit? Hoping so!


  3. Jan says that’s what we do. She’s always having to go to the door to see if someone is there when we do cause on a rare occasion someone actually is.


  4. Just because humans and a camera can’t see them does not mean that evil forces are not hovering about.

    A little appreciation might be in order.


  5. Trixie… just remind THEM that They have never seen a DAWG wearing Glasses or having that Lay Sick surgery. THAT is beclaws WE can SEE STUFFS THAT THEY CAN’T … THEY are SO UNEvolved. To be PITIED fur sure.
    Go ahead and Bark them Away… WE KNOW they are out there.


  6. Invisible cats are the worst kind ‘cos they can sneak in unseen & play dirty tricks on dogs. Dixie often races outside to chase away imaginary birds, sometimes there are real ones there, but if she sees a bird fly past the window she automatically assumes it landed in her yard & has to go on the defence just in case. She hates birds in her yard


  7. When will those humans learn? Just ’cause they can’t see or hear anything doesn’t mean we aren’t smelling a critter!!!


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