17 thoughts on “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Member Of The Possumist Party?

  1. once again….. thingys have gotten Completely out of Control. That does not surprise us in the least. BUTT this “TROUBLE” guy looks like REAL Trouble and we are NOT talking KITTY here. Okay, Bye.


  2. Wow, looks like this meeting went nowhere in a hurry! I really think that’s an imposter because he looks exactly like the possums in my territory and they are totally rotten fur sure. I’d kick him to the curb asap. I bet the panthers are all busy watching Murder She Wrote after the Matlock marathon. BOL BTW: Panthers can certainly be rotten too. This has bad written aaaalll over it.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  3. Guud greef Dennis n fingz were goin so well….sort off…me iz not shure bout da possum…he seemz to bee a bit weerd…me feelz sorry fer da mouse!
    N Denniz it waz a misstake wif da coffee n da Doritoez right?? MOL….
    Me n Mum LUBZ yer storiez!
    Okayz me goez now…Nylablue 😉


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