Tucker Thursday: He’s Not Farty, He’s My Brother


“I already told you, Dennis isn’t really my brother.”

A quick update on the state of Tucker’s health … a recent ultrasound has shown a likely kidney infection and increased thickening of his intestinal walls due to his IBD, and a recent X-Ray has shown that the mass in his lung has grown to about 3cm in size.  The mass could only be treated with surgery and that’s not a viable option on a rather fragile 15-year-old dog, so Tucker will be starting on a cough suppressant to help keep him comfortable, and will be on oral antibiotics to treat the infection once a culture is complete and the pathogen is identified.  After the infection is dealt with (assuming it is an infection — it could just be age-related dilation) he will start on a stronger medication, probably cyclosporine, or prednisolone, to try to get back out in front of the IBD.  Despite his health concerns, Tucker continues to charm everyone at the vet hospital with his happy tail wags and feisty, indomitable attitude.

Rory Williams
Tucker: The Rory Williams of vizsla dogs.

19 Comments on “Tucker Thursday: He’s Not Farty, He’s My Brother

  1. You go, Tucker! Or as the Germans would say, auf gehts, Tucker! (Mom’s been watching a lot of ski racing as of late, and that’s a popular phrase for fan club banners…) We also don’t blame you for disavowing any relationship to Dennis (alas, Abby really is my biological sister, so I don’t have that same excuse!). Keep that tail wagging, Tucker!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus (and family)


  2. Tucker, I cross my paws that all goes well and that the medications will help you. I’m sure you won the heart of all people at the vet hospital in zilch :o)


  3. Keep your sunny side up, Tucker, and let us know what we can do for you. Are you *sure* Dennis isn’t your brother? You look just alike!

    Your pal Stella


  4. Tucker’s middle name must be Timex! What a sweet, strong boy! Fingers & paws crossed that the new meds kick in quickly against the latest round of nasties.


  5. Tucker, Living with Dennis and CREW… has made you strong as STEEL. We are glad of that. Paws crossed fur you buddy.


  6. Hang in there, Tucker. You have a lot of fans out here pulling for you.

    That top picture looks llke ) ( this.


  7. The culture results are in — Tucker does not have a kidney infection, so we will be going straight to tackling the IBD with cyclosporine. Good news for Tucker!


  8. Love the title of this post James. I never realised that Tucker was that old. He has many friends worldwide that are hoping for the best for him.


  9. Yow Tucker; Nylablue here..me haz da stoopid IBD also n me waz on da Prednisolone fer 6 monthz n it werked purrty guud. Now me iz getting Depomedrol steroid injeckshun cause me not alwayz eat me food with da Pred in it…so if ya iz gettin oral Pred make shure to eatz all yer food so it can help calm da IBD!!!
    Me wuud not wish injeckshunz on ya…
    Me n Mum hopez da medz make ya comfy so ya can keep on waggin yer tail n lookin so cute n keepin Dennis in line er me meenz company!!!
    Yer kitteh furend Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo


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