Sometimes There’s Just One Weeping Angel Too Many

Rest in peace, Tucker.  You’ve earned it.

“Tucker the Much Better Vizsla Than Dennis”, 10/31/1998 – 1/22/2014


56 Comments on “Sometimes There’s Just One Weeping Angel Too Many

  1. Run free, Tucker. We’ve heard there are lots of great noms across the Bridge! Truly, we are very sorry – Tucker will be missed.

    -Dr. Liz, Fiona, Abby and Gary (the silent husband)


  2. So very sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers. I have followed your blog for a long time and will miss Tucker. RIP sweetheart.


  3. We’re so sorry to read this news! We were really hoping that Tucker had one more miracle up his sleeve. Please know we’re all really thinking about you and sending our best. Tucker lived a truly charmed life, but that doesn’t make you miss him less today.



  4. Aw Tucker. I’m here to play with you, but I know your Dada will miss you. We’ll just have to wait for them. the spirit of Maggie the Vizsla.


  5. We’re sorry to hear of Tucker’s passing. He sure lived a long and fun filled life with you and your family. We are sending hugs to all of you.

    Millie, Walter and Cindy (their mom)


  6. We are so very VERY much sorry to hear this sad news. Tucker was a marvelous guy and has left you and US with so many good memories. We hope those memories comfort you at this difficult time.
    Run Free and Fast Tucker… until we meet again.


  7. oh no! i’m sitting her crying for you guys. I had the craziest dreams about Zoe last night- perhaps they are playing together now & chasing squirrels. I know it’s so hard to say goodbye, but my heart was so filled with gratitude and overwhelming love for all that my dog had given to me that I tried to be thankful instead of heartbroken.


  8. Oh, Dennis. We are so very sorry that Tucker had to go to the Bridge. He was such a special and wonderful guy and we loved him. We know that the hearts in your house are aching right now and we’re sending many hugs and soft brindle kisses your way.

    Run free, Tucker.

    Gentle wiggles and wags,
    Mayzie (and the rest of my pack)


  9. Oh, sweet Tucker, rest in peace. Run free with youthful vigor across the Rainbow Bridge and regale all with stories of your superhero powers. What a great life you lived with a wonderful family. Sending healing hugs to all.


  10. Oh, Jim, I am so very sorry to hear about Tucker. He was a fabulous fellow and I know you are all hurting. I am sending you support and warm thoughts. Sarge is sending mournful howls to the heavens for his furiend. BWAARRRWOOOOWWWLL
    We are all here for you.
    Lori and Sarge
    Lori and Sarge


  11. We awe so vewy vewy sowwy..Tuckew was a most wondewful Vizsla doggie. I love him and will miss him..wun fwee sweet Tuckew until we see each othew ovew the bwidge..i’m sending my teaws and healing smoochies to yoow families sad heawts


  12. Oh, dear, I can hardly read for the tears. I’m so sorry it came Tucker’s time to leave. But he was sure treasured while he was with you. Hugs for his mama and dada.


  13. We are terribly ssd Tucker couldn’t pull another recovery out of his hat, but we admire his Mama and Dada’s devotion to him and the exquisite good care they offered him. Dennis we know you and all of us will miss him sadly, but we are sure he now knows they have a huge buffet at the Bridge and won’t he love that?

    In sympathy, Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  14. Aww Tucker, we miss you already. We were rooting for you to have a comeback, but 16 years old is quite an accomplishment! That’s 112 in human years. But hat doesn’t make you leaving to the Rainbow Bridge any easier for your Dada and Mama. We send them love and hugs and lots of Tucker memories, and we send you Godspeed on your journey and will light a candle for you as you arrive at the bridge feeling young and whole and ready to eat many ham sammich biscuits.


  15. We sort of had a feeling that this was coming but it is never easier. We are sorry for your loss and the loss of Tucker to all of us. We will miss the much better Vizsla.


  16. Run free Tucker, we will always smile when we think of you and your antics with your pack.

    Thoughts and hugs headed your family’s way….
    Dory and Beth (Dory Mama)


  17. Aww, so sorry to hear this, but you couldn’t possibly have done any more than you did for that special boy. Godspeed, Tucker. Soft woos and gentle hugs from all of us.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, Lightning and Mom


  18. Lots of love, lots of hugs and lots of tears for your sweet boy, he was very special and very loved. Our Tucker will gladly greet him at the Rainbow Bridge and show him around. You gave him a great life filled with love and joy, he never wanted for anything. Nancy has been sick lately so I have been keeping her up to date on Tucker’s status – she was very upset to hear the bad news. We will say our prayers for you all in this time of loss.
    Nancy, Jim, Bodi and Oliver


  19. On to the next great adventure –

    Of khourse, it’s not furever…it’s just…fur now!



  20. Words fail at times like this. Thank you for sharing Tucker with all of us. I have candles of peace lit for all who loved him. I have called upon my pack across the Rainbow Bridge to give him a hearty welcome. And Tucker, if you are reading this, please tell my Magda that I still miss her every day/


  21. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy ont he loss of tucker….it appears he will join the Rainbow Bridge with Rumpy’s Sisfur DeDe…may they run & play free of all suffering now…*wipes tears away*
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx


  22. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Tucker had a wonderful life with your family, and I know he is now running free and watching over all of you until the time comes when you will meet again. I hope all of your beautiful memories of him will carry you thru the tough times, and that extra doggie kisses from Dennis and Trixie will bring smiles to your faces.


  23. Oh! I’m so sorry – I only just found out about Tucker now!! 😦 I think – sadly – I can probably relate only too well to what you’re going through right now. I was only just now catching up on your posts and many things you wrote in the last one about his loss of appetite, etc, sounded familiar. I guess sometimes you have to give up the good fight.

    Tucker was such an inspiration and such a fighter! I always so enjoyed his posts – watching him go out for adventures in his “senior buggy” and that wonderful, wise look on his face – he really was an inspiration to old dogs everywhere (and their owners). I’m sure you will have many wonderful memories of him to treasure – we’re all going to miss Tucker terribly!



  24. So sorry James & family to hear the sad news about Tucker. He had a special place in so many people’s hearts & even though I only knew him via your blog posts it is still sad to know he’s passed now. Tucker was greatly blessed through his life to have such a caring loving family. We will miss you Tucker


  25. Now I know what that howling was, Dennis and Trixie and all of their family and friends saying goodbye to Tucker, truly the best Vizsla of them all. A tear and a toast for a life loved and well lived.


  26. I am so sorry. I’ve lost 3 vizsla of my own & cringe at what you are going through. He was the internet’s most popular and beloved Vizsla.

    Author of “vizsla queens” YouTube tribute video


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