The Last Will and Testament Of Tucker The Vizsla Dog









23 Comments on “The Last Will and Testament Of Tucker The Vizsla Dog

  1. Currently, there are six dogs here planning the bark at something outside trick. Of course, Queen Natasha is saying that they should go bark and she will handle food gathering. Trust her to share it later and all.


  2. That Tucker, what a masterful snitch he was! Dennis and Spicola should be taking notes of all his techniques!

    Stella, who was hoping to be remembered


  3. Tucker and I are having lots of fun. the spirit of Maggie the Vizsla. I like toys and games to see who can score the most treats. And here I can eat all I want and not end up looking like a submarine.


  4. BOL…That Tucker sure knows how to get to you Dennis, even from over the Rainbow Bridge!

    Dory Jakey, Bilbo & Arty


  5. OMD We can’t believe it… we always heard that you CAN’t TAKE IT WITH YOU across the Bridge… Thank Dawgness THAT myth has been BUSTED by our good buddy TUCKER. WAY TO GO TUCKER.
    His LEGENDS live ON and ON and ON!!! WHAT A GUY.


  6. Oh dat Tucker poochie had da last werd Dennis….he getz ya in trubble frum beeyond da Rainbow Bridge…what a notty boy he iz!
    Do ya need me to send ya ‘green papurrz’??
    Lub Nylablue xxx


  7. Sounds like NY Tucker was a bit of a scamp. Maybe everybody had to move to CA because he was on the lam (or is that lamb). Dennis, he’s putting the smack down on you from across the bridge. Sorry, dude.



  8. So, Dennis. Let’s get this straight. It’s your testimony that you have never lived in New York? And you are stuck paying for the attorney that has just told you Tucker took everything with him? So far, everything sounds totally normal at your house. Trixie, thank you for the Tucker anecdotes – and we’ve got to agree with Mango Momma here; definitely sounds like Tucker HAD to leave New York…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  9. Dennis, is you sure you doesn’t remember any of those things from New York, cos I has learnt to always listen to Trixie and she seems to think you would remember! Tucker decided to be like an Egyptian huh? Good for him!


  10. We were so sad to hear about King Tucker beginning his journey to the bridge, but Tucker always wanted to be the commander in chief & did things his way. Sorry Dennis you have to pay the lawyer, he probably wrote that added line when he sent you out to the yard with his fake barking. We forgot about Lori’s memorial & all the plates for the King. It’s bitter sweet. Funny memories, tearful times on the path to the bridge, the King has left us with memories that he did things his way. Many Hugs, Brian, Joanne, Angel Minnie, Vegas, Zippy & Zoom


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