to rantcho gwakkamoley!!! now in 3d!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after reesent eevents mama and dada dekreed that we all needed to git owt of the howse beefore small animal klayms kort gets bak in seshun and so we bundeld owrselvs off to neerby rantcho gwakkamoley home of the faymus kampgrownd dumpsters plus this time data brawt along a 3d adapter for his iphone wot his dada sent him as a serprize prezzent so wot duz that meen??? that meenz pikchers ware if yoo kross yore eyez and dot yore teez yoo kan see me and trixie in three dimenshuns chek it owt!!!

its a littel bit windy!!!
“That’s all right. Windswept is a good look for me.”

now theez pikchers ar smaller then yoozhual becuz aparently that mayks it eezier to kross yore eyes and see them in three dimenshuns!!! also i apolodjize that the too sides ar not eksaktly the saym size like wot they ar suppozd to be i think dada is stil figgering owt how this attachment wurks lets just say that eeven tho his naym is aparently james he is not eksaktly james cameron filming avatar!!! ha ha ha!!! i am not reely shoor how this three dee adapter thingy wurks i am pritty shoor it involvs majik and posibly elves!!!

“I think it’s done with mirrors, Dennis.”

ha ha ha dun with mirrors thats a gud wun trixie!!!  i think yoo hav ben lissening to a littel too mutch myoozik frum the faymus minstrels arrowsmith!!!

three dee mat wurk meens three times as menny treets i think!!!

now this time we wer in a diffrent part of rantcho gwakkamoley wot is less krowded with no kampers or dumpsters on akkownt of mama wanted me to hav a nice kwiet playse to praktiss sitting on my mat!!!  and as yoo kan see trixie deesided to get in on the akt!!!

“If you can get treats just for sitting on a mat without being neurotic, then I don’t see why I can’t get treats for doing the same thing.”

ha ha wel trixie i am shoor that yoo can git treets for sitting kwietly on the mat too but it is a lot more wurk for me then it is for yoo!!!  hay so i hav another theery abowt how the three dee adapter wurks i think it must cut the iphone in haff rite down the middel!!!  so their must be a reely sharp blayd inside of it!!!  dada wil probly cut himself on it and bleed all over the playse!!!

“I don’t think there’s a blade involved, Dennis, but you really can’t go wrong predicting that Dada is going to cut himself and start bleeding.”

wunse we finishd up my mat wurk we hedded for the trails!!!  or at leest we thawt abowt it!!!

trails??? wot trails??? oh are those trails over their???
do git a cookie for lukking in the direkshun of the trails???

i did in fakt git a cookie for lukking at the trails!!!  and then i got a cookie for mooving in the direkshun of the trails!!!  i bet i wil git a cookie wunse we git to the trails too!!!  hay trixie i hav another theery abowt how the three dee adapter wurks i bet it wurks the saym way as the dishwasher wot has a minniatcher blak hole in it!!!  eksept insted of pulling fud off playts this blak hole sumhow kawzes the lite to be distorted and kreeayt too slitely diffrent pikchers of the saym thing!!!  wot do yoo think???

“I think using a black hole to achieve the same effect that could be done with mirrors would be over-complicating matters a bit.”

ha ha trixie yoo just think its komplikayted becuz it is so advansd its simpel!!!  and wot is with this sudden obseshun with arrowsmith ennyway??? oh hay luk we hav arrived at a trail!!!

asps!!! verry dayndjerus!!! yoo go first!!!
“There aren’t any asps here, Dennis. Just rattlesnakes.”

rattelsnakes ar not mutch better then asps trixie!!!  eksept that ummm they rattel i gess!!!  but we did not see enny asps or rattelsnakes as we walkd a littel ways up the trail until trixie got tired and we ternd arownd and hedded bak!!!  we had almost mayd it bak to the car wen trixie discuverd sum uneksploded ninja hedjhog ordinanse!!!

“It’s not a hand grenade, Dennis, it’s just a pine cone. They were all over the place back in New York.”

aaaiiieee a pine cone???!!!  run away run away run away!!!  oh hay trixie i hav figgerd owt the reel way the three dee adapter wurks!!!  it is dun with mirrors kan yoo beleev it???

“Mirrors, you say? I heard it was elves.”

ha ha ha reely trixie elves??? ware cud yoo posibly hav herd sutch a thing??? yoo hav ben reeding too menny of dadas silly buks!!! wel ennyway that wuz owr owting to rantcho gwakkamoley it wuz a short walk but their wer lots of treets and mama wuz rite it wuz gud to git owt of the howse and sit on the mat in the fresh air for a bit!!! ok bye

16 thoughts on “to rantcho gwakkamoley!!! now in 3d!!!

  1. Our Eyeballs are twisted into KNOTS Dennis… Maybe we need those special glasses.

    So glad that there were no ASPS or RattleSnakes… and that it turned out to only be a Pine Cone. WHEW.
    Glad that you had a super day.


  2. Our mom told us that if we crossed our eyes they’d stick that way. Would we always see in 3-d then? What about color?? Dennis, we are glad you and Trixie didn’t run into any asps on your walk. I saw a garter snake the other day, though. Aren’t they supposed to be holding up people’s socks??

    Happy Sunday,

    Otto, Bart and Ruby


  3. Was this some sort of trick to make us cross our eyes and look foolish? I am not so easily taken in. However, a destination walk that involves cookies just for laying on your mat sounds awesome. I, too, have a mat which I am supposed to rest on when we go to doggie school. I’ve found that staying on it too long makes the treats stop. Better to get up after a few seconds so it’s an all new trick.



  4. Those are some crazy magic pictures, Dennis! You never even mentioned that it could be done by wizards. That place looks like a lot of fun. I would love to explore those trails!

    Hey, is that a pine cone behind you?



  5. Hi Dennis & Trixie! That’s some adapter your dad has. I hope you don’t mind, but it’s better if I don’t cross my eyes to try to see you in 3D…I wore eyeglasses for a lot of years trying to UN-cross them when I was a wee one. But I’ll take your word for it that those mirrors do the trick. Glad you got treats and a bit of a hike. Thank goodness no asps or rattlers!



  6. We knew you were the perfect candidate for cloning..can’t ever get enough Dennis the Vizslas. Think of how safe the universe will be with two of you. Or maybe “safe” isn’t the word.


  7. We are going to go with elves. Trixie is always right. Sorry Dennis! 😉 But hey, getting treats for sitting on a mat? Dude. That is awesome! We want to go on some family outings with you! We are also glad to hear that your Dad didn’t cut himself with the non-existent razors…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  8. Looks like a fun outing, I’m glad you all got to go out together. 🙂
    As for the camera, it looks like your dada is having fun taking pics with it. Tell him to watch out that he doesn’t get sucked into that black hole though – I’m nearly CERTAIN that’s how the thing works.


  9. Yow Dennis ya n Trixie shure had a purrfect time outdoorz…me missez ‘outdoorz’ wif 8 feet of stoopid snow!
    Doez 3D pix got me cross eyed n Mum too…ROFWL>>>me figurez dda more Deenis da bettur 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxo


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