Here Be Stitches




Momentarily …


20 Comments on “Here Be Stitches

  1. Going to the V E T is never fun. It looks like Dennis is going to be rich soon so he can pay Ms. Trixie for her pain and suffering.


  2. Oh how mean! They stole your fur, the money and the lumps? I hope the man who collects lumps send you good news and you feel better soon, Trixie.


  3. Hiya Trixie, its your pal Stella writing!
    So sorry to hear Dada nabbed your money to pay for this procedure the Vet did. Seems wrong to me on many levels. But like the others, I hope very much the lumps you grew were not remarkable in any way. It might be kind of nice to have Dennis, Spicoli and the mouse in jail which will give you time to recuperate in Piece and Quiet.
    All best wishes to you, dear friend, from Stella


  4. We hope if the pathologist gives you a report it is a good one. Sorry you had to have your furs stolen. We hope it grows back quick.

    Millie & Walter


  5. Well, I guess if everyone ends up in jail mama and dada will have a cleaner house. Nevertheless, I hope you all get sorted out soon. the spirit of Maggie the Vizsla.


  6. Quick recovery for Trixie. Hope she doesn’t have to wear the swim cone very long. Prayers for all good news & farmer Dennis has a good crop. woof, woof. Brian and Joanne


  7. OH NO… Trixie we are so SORRY to hear that your Dada got thingys all WRONG and took you and the Bail Money to the DOGtor… where they STOLE your FURS and Lumps. WE are sending you some Strong Dachshund VIBES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fur a Quick recovery from this New Horror… and we have our Paws Crossed that the Path O Logical maniac finds NOTHING in your lumps.


  8. The possum is definitely a cat and definitely not a possum. Unless, of course, the Dorito farm agriculture project takes off and we do want to be part of Dennis’ jail time get rich quick scheme.

    We refer to the cone as a Cone of Courage because our humans have also taken us to have body parts cut off for the amusement of someone with a microscope and too much time on their hands.


  9. Trixie, we’re sorry your dada used you to entertain some pathetic … um pathological .. you know who we mean. Whatever you do, don’t talk about the possum … er, cat, or you’ll need to be bailed out too.


  10. No shame in wearing the ring, Trixie. Just grab a nice fat pillow and think of it as an orthopaedic head rest. Paws crossed for an all clear from the lab.


  11. Wow Dennis, you are one smart Visla for sure….growing your own Dorito’s is a swell idea!!

    Trixie…we are thinking about you…and hoping that all is well..AND your Dada reimburses you with treats for all the stolen lumps!

    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo & Arty


  12. Oh, Miss Trixie! 😦 I hope those are the most boring lumps that pathologist has ever seen, and I hope your furs are recovered very soon!

    Sending loves,


  13. Aww Trixie after all of your hard work and everything? Still, theres nothing shameful about that cone. You should wear it with pride so you can tell everybody what they did to you!
    Please feel better soon,
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


  14. Trixie – we know all about lumps and bumps here – we sure hope the report comes back with no concerns. And Dennis, let us know how you do with that corn crop – we all love doritos and corn chips here.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  15. Missing bumps and lumps is definitely good. And I just know it’ll stay good!!! And now you must excuse me, I gotta plant some Doritos… I didn’t know corn would grow, can you believe it?!?!


  16. We say call it a life preserver. Much better than the Cone of Shame in Ring Form. Hopefully that pathologist person will declare your lumps Most Uninteresting. And maybe your Dad was trying to give you a break from Dennis by leaving him in jail for a bit…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  17. Yow Trixie iz Nylablue here,…me iz a furend of Dennis….we iz sowwy ya had to go to
    V-E-T n had sum surgery…butt we iz glad yer Hu’Man iz on top of fingz n makin shure ya will bee all right!!!!
    We iz wurried ’bout Dennis n da mouse n da Shepherd poochie too!!
    Pawfull goinz on dere n we hopez ya all iz reeunited soon!!
    Yer furend Nylablue xx
    Pee ess: Me n me Mum hopez ya get bettur soon n dat iz a nice blue cone…not a shamefull fing at all 😉


  18. Oh Trixie…they stole parts of you so some weird guy in a lab coat can look at them? How awful. 😦 I hope that guy at least sends you a copy of that report…and that he decides that the lumps were “Benign” (If that happens, they’ll be less likely to steal any future lumps you decide to grow).


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