A Storm of Stuffies


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A Clash Of Queens


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wurreed wensday or not so wurreed wensday!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as most of yoo no i spend a lot of time beeing wurreed!!! sumtimes i am wurreed only for a gud reezon like becuz i herd sumthing beeping and sumtimes i am wurreed for a verry gud reezon like i herd a strayndj dog barking owtside and sumtimes it is for a most eksellently inkredibly gud reezon sutch as becuz the marines at camp pendleton ar blowing up grayt big boms!!!

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throwbak thursday swimming lessens!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday krool krool dada posted a pikcher of me waring the life preeserver wich prompted my gud frend frankie furter to ask if i wuz going to hav mor swimming lesson to wich i say oh no no no no no!!! and just in kayse mama is gitting enny funny ideeaz abowt maybe tayking me for mor sutch tortcher i hav deesided to tayk frankies sugjestchun and reepost wot happend last time she tried to teetch me to swim just so she reemembers that it wuz a disaster so chek it owt evrybuddy!!!

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