wurreed wensday or not so wurreed wensday!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as most of yoo no i spend a lot of time beeing wurreed!!! sumtimes i am wurreed only for a gud reezon like becuz i herd sumthing beeping and sumtimes i am wurreed for a verry gud reezon like i herd a strayndj dog barking owtside and sumtimes it is for a most eksellently inkredibly gud reezon sutch as becuz the marines at camp pendleton ar blowing up grayt big boms!!!

now wen i git to be verry mutch ekstreemly wurreed man i do wot mama and dada call the wumpa that is wen i shiver and klench up the mussels in my forehed on akkownt of i am trying so hard to keep it together!!!

holy crap a jiant fut trying to swkash me??? i never eeven thawt abowt that!!! moooooommmmmmm i need my anxiety wrap to help me keep it together!!!

ahhh yes their is nuthing to tayk the edje off yore anxiety abowt beeing skwashd by a jiant fut like nowing yoo ar a sharp dressd man wot nos how to danse!!! ok bye

16 thoughts on “wurreed wensday or not so wurreed wensday!!!

  1. Dennis…you do look sharp in your anxiety wrap! And you are so silly rubbing it along the bed. Did you know Meadow does the same thing when we put her coat on her? She rubs all along the walls and the back fence if she’s outdoors. So…tell me…what’s THAT all about? Is it a Vizsla thing?


  2. Now that you have told us about the happy premises, we will be able to hold it together without clothes, we hope. Maybe we’ll use some of your dance steps though.


  3. Hey Dennis… it’s ME (FRANKIE FURTER)… you are a Sharpe Dressed Dood in that WRAP.. I have one JUST LIKE IT… only Different. It DOES help.
    Butt I gotta say… in all the years that I have known you… I always thought you Were NOT too tightly Wrapped… Gues eye wuz RONG.


  4. Being a famous (or,would that be an infamous) sharp-dressed man, I think Camp Pendleton should extend you the courtesy of a head’s up so you can plan an excursion far far away from the traumatic booms! Perhaps the addition of a long straggly beard wrapped around your ears and some extremely loud electric guitars would help drown out the booms next time. 🙂


  5. Watcha worried about, Dennis? That shirt looks really sharp on you, but WE are worried you are going to wear it out with all that rubbing! Are you near those awful CA fires? Stay safe and no worries, OK?

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


    1. hello woos its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for yore konsern!!! we heer in oshunside ar in fakt surrownded by the fires on pritty much all sides but we ar not in enny dayndjer at the moment!!! dada has had owr harnesses on me and trixie all day just in kayse he needs to grab us and go but so far he has tayken us noware krool krool dada teezing us with owr walking harnesses and then not walking us!!! ennyway mama and dada ar keeping an eye on things and we wil run if need be but so far so we ar ok to stay put!!! ok bye


      1. Just heard about those fires this morning, Dennis. 😦 Hope they stay clear of your home. Sounds like mama and dada have their plans ready.

        Nice-looking jacket! I hope you don’t wear yourself out from rubbing it up and down the side of the bed.

        Stay safe (and calm)!


  6. Best.Dennis Dancing. EVER!!!
    We are glad you kept it together Dennis!! When in doubt we find Eddie Murphy does give the best advice!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo


  7. Iz lookin so fine in yer Fundershirt butt me nott shure it helpin wif ya beein anxeeuss cause ya iz dancin around like MichaelJackson!!! Me finkz ya needz a soft sherpa matt to reelax on…..
    Guud luck wif da shirt 😉
    Lub Nylablue….
    (“Don’t get ANY ideaz Mum!”)


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