two the harbor!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after all that bizness with cersei lannister it wuz time for us to tayk a littel rest and relaksayshun trip to the harbor!!! it has ben almost eksaktly siks munths sinse the last time we wer their and as yoo kan see we ar reddy to go!!!  trixie has her handels on and evrything!!!

evrybuddy line up to go to the harbor!!! it seems like sumthing that shud be heer is missing but i am not shoor wot it is!!!

hay trixie kan yoo go mayk shoor their ar no eevil perpetraytors wayting for us owt front on the way to the kar???

“No evil perpetrators, Dennis. Just some snails.”

aaaiiiieee snayls??? i hayt snayls!!! if i step on them they go kruntch and skwish between my toes!!!! fortchoonatly i mayd it to the kar withowt stepping on enny snayls and then we sayfly arrived at the harbor withowt insident!!! whew that wuz a klose wun!!!

leed the way to the sidewalk trixie!!! but it stil seems like sumthing that shud be heer is not heer!!!

sinse it has ben so long sinse we visitted the harbor their hav ben peemails akyoomyoolayting evryware!!!  the inbokses ar ful!!!

peemail to dennis cc to trixie frum randum dog subjekt randum dog wuz heer

with trixie in the leed we soon reetched the grassy areea ware i like to sit on my mat and git treets for doing so!!!  hay trixie is the koast kleer???  enny suspishus karakters or eevil perpetraytors abowt???

“Still no evil perpetrators, Dennis. You may safely sit on your mat.”

grayt!!! that meens its mat wurk time!!!

i am on my mat!!! ware ar the treets???

hay trixie i think their is sum peemail wayting for us on the imap server!!!  imap stands for inkredibly massiv aynchent palm by the way!!!

“You’re right, Dennis, there is lots of peemail waiting here. I’ll let you know if there’s any addressed to you.”

ha ha ha thanks for beeing my spam filter trixie!!!  mmmm spam!!!  yoo wil also let me no if enny eevil perpetraytors show up rite???

“Yes, Dennis.  Actually an entire flock of evil perpetrators just landed.”

aaaiiiieeee birds!!! oh wayt they ar just pidgins and not parakeets whew that wuz a klose wun!!!

yoo think i feer yoo pidgins??? i do not!!!

fortchoonatly pidgins aka flying rats ar harmless they emit only copyus amownts of poop and soft coos rather then terrifying chirps like parakeets do!!!

with trixie standing gard i kan relaks for a bit!!! altho it stil feels like sumthing is missing sinse we wer heer last!!!

hay trixie ar yoo standing gard???

“Yes, Dennis, I’m standing guard. Well, sitting guard, anyway.”

okay thanks!!!  hay trixie how abowt now???  ar you stil standing gard now???

“Yes, Dennis. I’m still standing guard now.”

thanks trixie!!!  heer is a kloseup of trixies kung foo feet of doom!!!


hay trixie yoo beeing the alpha dog and all do yoo think yoo cud chop a too by fore in haff with yore feet???

“Of course, Dennis. I chop two by fours in half all the time. I also catch cars by the bumper and shake them until all the people fall out.”
“And I moonlight doing the dog paddle to tow disabled boats in from the ocean. In fact I towed that one in from Catalina Island just yesterday.”
i think trixie is beeing sarkastic

wel after i did mat wurk for a wile sitting and watching peepul and dogs and more peepul and more dogs go by it wuz time to git going on akkownt of mama ran owt of treets!!!  hay wot is that???

is their sumthing beehind me???

wel i cud hav sworn i herd sumthing behind me just now i thawt maybe it wuz the thing that has ben missing this hole trip but i gess maybe it wuz my imadjinayshun!!!  ennyway on the way bak to the kar trixie had to stop to reetreev sum peemail yoozing the aynchent eemail klient pine!!!

“This message is from a small dog. It says ‘Ha ha I can fit under here and you can’t.'”

wel then it wuz bak to the kar ware trixie got a nice assist frum mama yoozing her majik handels!!!

hay i bet yoo do not feel so mutch like luggadj now trixie do yoo??? ha ha ha!!!

“You see what I have to put up with.”

and that wuz the end of owr first trip to the harbor in kwite sum time!!!  it wuz nice to git bak owt and smel the water and the see lions and the cooking fud and to git treets for sitting on my mat i just wish it hadnt seemd like sumthing was missing the hole entire time!!!  i cud sware i almost saw and herd it a fyoo times!!! ok bye


23 thoughts on “two the harbor!!!

  1. Oh Dennis you had a wonderful day with Trixie. You didn’t forget anything, Angel Tucker was right there keeping an eye on you and Trixie the whole time. Love Trixie’s helper harness, Oskar the Samoyed would have loved to have one instead of me trying to lug him into the car.
    Marty’s Mom


  2. That trip to the harbor sounds like a very nice outing, and sometimes it’s nice to have someone looking out for you, even if you can’t see them. You’re lucky to have so many pups and peeps looking out for you, Dennis!


    P.S. That is some nice orange ride you’ve got there! The inside even matches! You sure travel in style!


  3. Aww Dennis that looks like such a great day and there can be nothing you can possible fear with Trixie looking out for you, since f things go wrong I bet you can rely on those ‘Kung Foo Feet of Doom’… and if THAT’S not enough, Angel Tucker was there all along… you’re a lucky pup!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups! x
    P.s. those pee-mails are all fanmail right? x


  4. We knew, we knew Angel Tucker was always going to watch over all of you. He probably even sent some pee mails to let Trixie know he was there.


  5. Lots of little guys dressing as Tyrion for the conventions now… if I was a little person, I certainly couldn’t resist! I am getting my hair done as Cersei, but I will have to lose weight before I could EVER be properly identified as her! LOL

    Love your babies, as always! ❤


  6. Hi Dennis- Shadow wants you to know that she likes to roll on her back on slugs which remind her of snails without shells. Trixie you’re looking beautifullll as always! 😍 -The Pooches


  7. What a nice trip to the harbor Dennis, and glad that Tucker was there with you in spirit. Also glad that you avoided stepping on any snails, and that the rats with wings did not scare you. We have rats with wings here too, but we call them sea-gulls. Oh, love Trixie’s harness. We were just looking at a pamphlet about those at the vet. Great way to help a senior (I mean ALPHA) dog get into the car. 🙂 Hope all is well with your parent-peoples.


  8. **wipes teerz frum eyez**
    Yow Dennis me n Mum new it wuud bee a bit hard fer ya to go to da harburr wifout deer Tucker butt ya did paswsum! Trixie iz a grrrreat guarder of ya n ya lloked so hansum on yer mat.
    do not wrry ’bout da pidjunz okayz? Dey just eatz n poopz n cooz n haz reelayshunz all over da place 😉 (Dey haz NO shame me can tell ya!!)
    Now we lub Trixie’z handlez n Mum sayz she cuud use one fer me….to catch me berfur me runz outside or to pick me up fer kissez….(iz nott happenin me can tell ya Dennis…)
    Wishin a sunny n happy weekend n bememburr Tucker iz wif ya in spirit allwayz!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum


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