a skolarly treetis on a spoonful of sugar!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav herd the offen reepeeted wizdum that a spoonful of sugar helps the medisin go down in fakt sumwun eeven rote a song abowt it wot wuz popyoolarized by the faymus minstrel mary poppins!!!


however i hav always fownd this theery kwestchunabul becuz that wun time mary poppins visitted us she did not bring enny spoonfuls of sugar!!! theirfore i hav deesided to subjekt this posibul old wives tayl to a rigorus sientifik test yoozing my sister the byootiful trixie as the subject!!!

"Why do you have to drag ME into this?"
“Why do you have to drag ME into this?”

ha ha ha gud kwestchun trixie!!! wel thats becuz of all the supplements yoo git in yore fud for instanse their are theez


not to menshun all this:


and finaly let us not forgit that yoo git local raw wildflower honey to help with yore alerdjeez!!! i do not reely unnerstand that part on akkownt of i am not that kind of sientist but heer is wot dr jean dodds has to say abowt it!!!

Both canine and human anecdotal evidence suggests that eating locally grown honey may help prevent seasonal allergies. The theory is that locally grown honey contains local pollen spores picked up by the bees, so consuming it can slowly build immunity to the pollen.

A study published in 2011 supports the anecdotal evidence. The study followed 44 patients diagnosed by their physicians with birch pollen allergy. The purpose was to evaluate the effects of the pre-seasonal use of birch pollen honey on the patients’ allergy symptoms and medication use during the birch pollen allergy season. The participants consumed incremental amounts of birch pollen honey from November 2008 to March 2009 and then recorded their daily allergy symptoms and medication use during the birch pollen allergy season, from April 2009 to May 2009. An additional 17 patients serving as the control group took only their usual allergy medication. The results were highly encouraging. During the 2009 birch pollen allergy season, the patients who consumed the birch pollen honey reported:

• A 60% lower total symptom score
• Twice as many asymptomatic days
• 70% fewer days with severe symptoms
• 50% less antihistamine use compared to the control group

and of korse honey is sweet so it wil be playing the roll of sugar in owr ekspeeriment and it just so happens that trixie gits a spoonful of it just like wot we ar going to be testing!!!


so their yoo go!!! its a spoonful of sugar!!! so obviusly that mayks trixie the perfekt test subjekt with me beeing the kontrol groop!!! ar their enny other kwestchuns???

"Yes, I have a question.  When do I get to eat?"
“Yes, I have another question. When do I get to eat?”

payshense trixie!!! yoo kannot rush siense!!! now first to beegin the ekspeeriment dada must put yore supplements in yore fud!!!

step wun add sum supplements!!!
step wun add sum supplements!!!

nekst dada must put sum more supplements in yore fud!!!

step too add stil more supplements!!!
step too add more supplements!!!

wow luk at that pile of powders and wotnot!!! shoorly no dog cud posibly eet fud with all that in it!!! but wayt now it is time to add the spoonful of sugar!!!

step three add sugar!!!

the ekspeeriment is almost kompleet!!! now as the kontrol groop i of korse shud not hav enny sugar myself however it seems that no wun informed dada abowt this rool!!!

aaaiiiieeee dada!!! yoo hav rooind my ekspeeriment!!! yoo kannot ekspekt me not to tayst the sugar if yoo offer it to me!!! how am i suppozed to finish my skolarly treetis now that i am no longer in the kontrol groop??? and i wuz waring my lab kote and evrything!!!

i can has a spoonful of sugar?
kleerly i am the only wun heer wot has enny ideea how the sientifik prosess is suppozed to wurk

wel stil let us not forgit that eeven if a siense ekspeeriment fayls we stil lern sumthing for instanse i hav lernd that it is time to eet!!!

wel that wuz kwite tasty and as yoo kan see both bowls ar now empty!!!


so it seems that despite my laboratoree assistant dadas ineptitood we hav stil proovd that a spoonful of sugar duz indeed help the medisin go down!!! perhaps for my nekst ekspeeriment i wil test the theeory that eeting peas with honey mayks the peas tayst funny but keeps them on yore knife!!!  ok bye

21 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on a spoonful of sugar!!!

  1. BOL – you are so smart, Dennis! We will have to remember that the next time our pups need medicine.

    Monty and Harlow


  2. Dennis- you may have made mischief with the experiment, but you didn’t seem to mind the flavor of the honey. Was it the texture that made you wrinkle your nose? the Spirit of Maggie the Vizsla


  3. OMD DENNIS…. this is BRILLIANT..(ec Sept fur your bumbling assistant, AKA Dada) Now this is what WE think… you are now a TROO Sigh N TIST and you should become a PAWT of that super show… the BIG BANG THE ER EEEEEEee. You and SHELDON would get along grrrreat, we think.


  4. PeeS…. a furend of ours is the Local and Past President of the Ohio Bee Keeper’s Association… and he SWEARS that EVERYONE and EVERY DAWG should have a Tease Poon of LOCAL honey EVERY SINGLE DAY.


  5. Of course Mary Poppins was right!!… BUT we think that your experiment was better because really, chewing a spoonful of sugar wouldn’t be that nice… bit gritty? Anyway… so pleased it went well. That pea tip sounds excellent, let us know how it goes Dennis!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x


  6. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, that was nice of Trixie to let you ‘speriment on her like that! BOL I like honey, but it gets stuck in my whiskers something fierce. Then I just wipe it on Dad’s pants. Well, I like your siense work and I’ll be asking my peeps to mix some honey in with my flea/tick meds that they put in my fur…maybe that will be good, do you think? ahem
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm


  7. OK, I just discovered giving honey to a cat has the same reaction as holding a cat when you turn the vacuum cleaner on. Currently using the honey on my wounds 🙂


  8. APAWZ APAWZ on yer xpereemint Dennis. We iz shure ya proved dat sugar aka hunny makez da meddysin go down easier! Me shuud try dat 😉
    Mum sayz iz true fer her ’bout eatin one honey haz helped wif her allergeez, Who new?? 😉
    Oh n ya look pawsum in yer ‘lab coat’ Dennis.
    Trixie ya gotta nose yer Brofur will allwayz include you in eberyfing, MOL….
    Phankz fer a grrrreat bloggie!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0


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