29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Lemme Take A Selfie

  1. Great selfie Dennis! Hey, please tell your peoples that I am having a slight glitch with the new blog format. I need to scroll waaaay down the page, past the last sidebar image of your dada’s books in order to see the newest post. Not sure if that is happening to anyone else, or it is because I am computer illiterate, but I thought I should mention it.


    1. hello donna its dennis the vizsla dog hay i had dada chek it owt and he sed he seez that on an older verzhun of internet explorer verzhun 8 he sed but he sed it seems to be okay on nooer verzhuns of it then he started blathering on abowt internet explorer and css support wotever that is and then i stoppd lissening!!! skwirrel!!! ok bye


      1. Thanks for having your dada check that. I think we are using firefox and not internet explorer, but I’ll have to check with the guy that knows these things (AKA: Hubby) when he gets home from work. I’ll let you know.


    2. hello donna its dennis the vizsla dog hay thanks for the addishunal informayshun!!! i had dada chek it agin and he sez he got firefox to do that if he shrank the window size down so the posts tutched my hedder on the left!!! then he started rambling abowt css agin and sumthing abowt divs and flote lefts and vyooport rapping i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt but maybe yore husband wil!!! ennyway thank yoo for letting me no i wil mayk him luk at this css or wotever it is and see if he kan git it to stop rapping in a smaller windo!!! ok bye


      1. It was firefox, and Nick understood everything your dada told you, and agrees he’s on the right track. Me, it was all greek. You might as well have been speaking dog to me. Oh, right, you were. At least I understand dog then. Anyway, good luck, and I’ll let you know if the issue resolves on my end. It’s no big deal to scroll down anyway. 🙂


  2. *We runz up n smoochez Dennis on his purrty nose n runz away*
    Yer so hansum!!!
    Lub Nylalbue n Mum ❤ ❤
    Pee ess: Phank yer Dad fer fizin da page here; iz much bettur 😉


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