22 thoughts on “Trixie Tuesday: I Can’t Sleep Over There. That’s Not My Bed.

  1. joandstella says:

    Well. whose bed is it then? I say any old bed that looks comfy is the bed for me. Oh, maybe that is the late, great Tucker’s bed. If that is the case, it should be left empty as a memorial to Tucker.

    Your pal Stella


  2. We’re not sure why you don’t want to sleep in that bed. We always want to sleep in a bed not ours. Good example, Buddy adopting and stretching the little bed for little Merci when it arrived for her. Even gigantic Sam got into the act. And we kitties love to steal the big dog beds.Go ahead. Give it a try. You might like it.


  3. Oh oh, that happens at our house and the Puffs just stand on Mom’s lap and stare in her face until she ‘fixes’ the mix up! Maybe is Trixie pants on your Mom and Dad long enough they will give up too and give her what ever she wants 🙂


  4. Frankie and Ernie says:

    Good GRIEF…. we don’t KNOW what happened butt we JUST NOW got this post… Wonder why it is days and days LATE being delivered to us???
    We think you should sleep WHERE EVER you want to.


hello nice reeder its dennis the vizsla dog hay leev me a peemail if yoo want to!!! ok bye

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