11 thoughts on “Where You’re Terrific If You’re A Good Dog

  1. Hilarious as usual, I can’t wait until next Sunday!! I wonder if there are some Ruby Slippers in the xbox to send everyone home with!


  2. EEowww Trixie ya want to tellyport over to me place here fer ref-huge?? Dey iz all on da ‘Nip dere n me finkz ya cuud use a bacashun!!!
    Sowwy Dennis butt Trixie needz a break….trulee…..
    Lub Nylablue xxx


  3. Sure didn’t expect a killer robot. Is his name Arnold? I’m not liking your chance of the peace & quiet Trixie. I think that Neville, Ed, Mavis & all the rest of my marsupial crew will benefit from the possum’s errr… the cat’s, I meant cats donation.


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