Go Chew Some Nylabones, You Might Be Dennis Jones




Meanwhile, Inside The Wilshire May Building …


Back At The Barricade …


But Suddenly …



16 Comments on “Go Chew Some Nylabones, You Might Be Dennis Jones

  1. Sadly Kong had no marshmallows to roast during the inferno.


  2. Fritos did that???? So that’s where all the gas comes from when Dad eats fritos:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. OMD What the OP Pack said….. BUTT we digress…
    Where did Kong go? Was he Vulcanized Into a new batch of “KONG” toys?
    Was he PUFFED into the Marshmallow Man?
    You do KNOW that your scary stories prevent us from having a RELAXING Nap don’t you?


  4. I s’pose those adamantium tables are a bit expensive???
    Unless you get the cheaper DIY Ikea version…
    Although I’m guessing Ikea’s little wooden joining dowels would be a weak link in an explosion…
    Unless of course you opt in for the titanium dowel upgrade kit…
    Or use Super Glue instead of PVA glue with the wooden dowels…
    Maybe I need to check the Ikea website for the specs before committing to a purchase???
    Then compare the specs with a good military explosives info website…
    Or I could buy a cheap pine desk from Furniture City & stay away from silly putty


  5. At least you were able to find an adamantium table – I bet you don’t come across those every day. (Well, maybe YOU do…. The rest of us don’t….) I feel bad that Mr. Kong didn’t even get any toasted marshmallows. Poor guy.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  6. WOWSERZ!!! We iz on da edge of our seatz here! Lokz like KONG headed out befur da BIG BOOM; wunder if he haz sumfing to do wif dat??? Bery interestin..
    N hurrah fer findin Dooreetoz of Innvinsibillitee!!!!
    Whew DAT waz close…
    Lub Nylableu n Mum 🙂 🙂


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