its the sunday awards and meem show yello submareen edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i kannot heer wot ennywun is saying on akkownt of i am in a sowndpruf yello submareen but it appeerz that their is a sunday awards and meem show in progress chek it owt!!!


apparently i wuz givin this award by my frend floridaborne thank yoo floridaborne!!! however i am shoor that withowt me and tucker their to host it the show wil be nuthing like the well oild masheen wot we ran!!! gud lukk mowse and mr nibbels yoo ar going to need it!!!

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reepeet sunday: flat tony went to the top seekret dog park!!! almost!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel dadas visit with his mama and dada kontinyooz this week their has ben a visit to a gold mine and to a viking festival and to a sidewawk art show and to varyus restawrants and hav i gottin to go along on enny of it??? no!!! and has dada helpd me finish the story of owr visitting leprekawn yet??? no!!! but he did kondesend to let me post another reepeet of wot he is kalling “klassik dennis” posts or wot i am kalling “dada is too lazy to help dennis” posts ennnyway heer is wun frum the mithikal yeer of 2008 wen flat tony kaym to visit us all the way frum the mithikal land of noo zeeland!!! we wer going to tayk him to the top sekret dog park but as so offen happens arownd heer things did not go as plannd chek it owt!!!

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