dadas mama and dada kaym to visit and all i got to do wuz stay home!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may reekall last munth my dadas mama and dada aka mimmier and pippier kaym to visit and they all went to varyus intresting playses arownd the mithikal land of suthern kalifornya but did i git to go to enny of theez playses??? no i did not!!! now of korse mimmier and pippier hav sinse reeternd home but they left sumwun beehind hoo akkompaneed them on there adventchers chek it owt!!!


thats rite its flat tony disgized as justin beeber disgized as flat stanley!!! aparently flat stanley nos all abowt the fun playses mimmier and pippier went to visit and he has offerd to tayk me arownd to them!!! this sownds like a fun owting and wun witch cud not posibly end in disaster so lets go!!!


unfortchoonatly flat stanleys inabilitee to tern his hed on akkownt of he is flat duz sumwot impede his driving skilz!!!


fortchoonatly the mishun is run by saint francis of assistant and he has a soft spot for animals sutch as myself!!!


wel that may hav ben a bit of a bumpy start but nekst flat stanley tels me we ar going to the craftsman myoozeum and i am shoor that wil tern owt better!!! at leest flat stanley has promissd to be more kayrful with his golf cart!!! ok bye

Meanwhile, Back At The House …


14 thoughts on “dadas mama and dada kaym to visit and all i got to do wuz stay home!!!

  1. I really hope Flat Stanley will not be a regular because flat guys give me the creeps. Especially when the little no-necks drive cars. The Beautiful Trixie is So wise to stay out of these messes!

    Stella from Minniesnowda where its getting cold!


  2. It is hard to imagine an outing with Dennis that could not possibly end in disaster. Fortunately St. Francis of Assistant could solve it easily,


  3. We always thought Flat Stanley was a nice guy but it looks like he is going to be in big trouble with Flat Tony. Best be careful here, Dennis.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  4. Out of curiosity, Dennis, how do you, a not-entirely-flat dog, fit into the Flatmobile?

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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