to the kraftwerks myoozeum!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel having moovd on frum the mishun san looeey ray after kutting saint francis of assistant a chek for crashing into his porch my toor gide flat stanley and i hav now mayd owr way in the flatmobile to the carlsbad kraftwerks myoozeum wot is a playse of menny small and wundrus models and replicas!!!


we wer fortchoonat to arrive just as a toor of the masheen shop wuz gitting started!!! it is almost as impressiv as troubles top seekret undergrownd laboratory and eevil jeenyus lair!!!


unfortchoonatly flat stanley got a littel too klose to wun of the eksibits!!!


but as luk wood hav it they hav printers and internet aksess heer and so flat stanley wuz soon rekonstitooted and kontinyood with his toor gide dooteez in witch he demonstrayts his nolledj of arkayn things!!! or posibly just mayks stuf up!!!




then we kaym to the krown joowel of the kraftwerks myoozeum a wurking duesenberg frum the mithikal yeer 1932 in 1/6 scale!!! this replika akchooally runs on gasoline and has a batteree and a wurking konvertibul top and evrything!!!


Shortly thereafter …



Meanwhile, back at the Mission …


13 thoughts on “to the kraftwerks myoozeum!!!

  1. Yeah, maybe they say they just have replicas but you never know when you might run into a replicant either, so just watch carefully ,Dennis and Trixie!



  2. Flat Stanley is an entertaining tour guide even if the information is not completely true. Truth is more boring than fiction.


  3. Funny…the Boyz like your new friend Dennis…of course, I am with Trixie…and know this will end badly…..
    Dory (and the Boyz, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo)


  4. Oh Dennis, you are headed the wrong way again – hope you packed your driver’s license:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


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