to the viking fest i meen edward sissorhands howse i meen la jolla!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after a luvly meel and dessert at the casa wot bandini bilt wot wuz also attended by a misteeryus mango minster shirt waring fan of mine hoo kind of lukd like my dada “flat stanley” told me we wer off to the vista viking festival!!! vikings in kalifornya hoo noo but chek it owt!!!


the viking festival wuz a littel bit krowded and a littel bit noisy and a littel bit spammy so we kwikly went elsware!!! it terns owt that “flat stankey” nos ware the faymus topiary artist and hair stylist edward sissorhands livs!!!


he wuz so tayken by the plant skulptchers “flat stanley” disregarded the sines wot sed not to klime on the shrubbereez!!! this ternd owt to hav unforseen and disastrus konsekwenses!!!


aaaiiiieeeee it is the knights wot say ni!!! i did not no they had a sandy eggo chapter!!! but i do no that no wun has ever krossd them and livd to tel the tail!!!


aaaaiiieeee an impossibul mishun!!! aaiiiieeee!!! wayt is that a dried fish skin??? mine!!!


unfortchoonatly i did not rekkon on the terribul power of the knights wot say ni!!! and so to git him to stop saying ni “flat stanley” and i had to agree to tenderize his dried fish by chopping down the mitiest tree in la jolla!!!


so let this be a lessen to us all!!! if a sine sez not to klime on the triffids then do not klime on the triffids!!! ok bye

Meanwhile, Back At Casa de Bandini …


18 thoughts on “to the viking fest i meen edward sissorhands howse i meen la jolla!!!

  1. I hope the Beautiful Trixie leaves that sinister looking orchid right where it is. A cweepy thing is what it is!

    Trixie’s Pal Stella


  2. Oh, no, not the knights who say ni!! If that tree in la Jolla is in front of someone’s view, they’ll likely come out and help with an actual saw, Dennis, so no worries there. Going to have to investigate where those funny shrubbery are in sandy eggo. I live in sandy eggo and I’ve never seen those!


  3. We don’t think our mom would want us to have a stinky dried fish.
    That orchid looks like it might be a Snow Freak in Disguise… BE VERY CAREFUL… Okay, Bye….


  4. Um, does this mean you’ll not be blogging for the next 2000 years? We figure that’s about how long it will take for you to chop that tree down with a cod skin. But then, we’ve been wrong before.


  5. “Flat Stanley” with the air quotes is getting Dennis in so much trouble. It doesn’t look like Trixie will arrive in time if she gets involved with a talking orchid.


  6. Hi Dennis, I have not been visiting as I should be and I see that as usual there is much going on with you. Take care my friend and I will be back to check on you.

    Loveys Sasha


  7. The Knights Wot Say Ni?!? Runaway! Runaway! (You didn’t even get a herring to cut down the tree? *sheesh* Even the Knights Wot Say Ni must still be in economic recovery…)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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