at the harbor!!! on new yeerz day!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may hav notisd i hav not ben going to the harbor so mutch laytly on akkownt of mama sez i hav ben beeing a froot loop however over the krismas brake mama has ben tayking me to sit in the meedian and watch the peepul going bye and then on noo yeerz day i got a speshul treet trixie came to the harbor to help me with my trayning chek it owt!!!

now despite wot the faymus minstrels yoo too mite hav wun beleev it is not nessessarily the kayse that all is kwiet on noo yeerz day!!! and that is why mama brings speshul geer with me to keep my persunal spayse frum gitting enkroachd!!!

slow down for the kone zone!!!

and so off to the harbor we went!!!

“I can see my house from here! Oh, that’s because we haven’t left the driveway yet.”

the harbor is of korse just a hop and a skip and a jump away!!!  and by hop skip and jump i meen a ten minnit drive yoo wood not want to akchooally hop skip and jump yore way their becuz it wood tayk a long time and peepul mite think yoo wer weerd!!!

“Can I get out now?  How about now?  Now?  Now?  How about now?”

now upon arriving at the harbor mama has to spred owt all my geer so that i kan sit on my mat and observ my surrowndings withowt beeing approachd by ennywun saying wot a kyoot vizsla i am!!! becuz yoo no it wood happen!!!

“Mat? Check. Other mat? Check. Cones? Check. Chair for Mama? Check. Tupperware container full of treats? Check. No, really, take the lid off so I can check.”

now of korse trixie wanted to wander arownd and snif things but i did not want her to go too far frum the kone zone on akkownt owtside of the kone zone is not sayf and i needed to keep an eye on her!!!  fortchoonatly their wer varyus playses in or neer ware she cud chek peemail!!!

“Are those seagulls laughing at me?”

of korse trixie duz not hav the git up and go wot she yoozed to hav so before long she tired of lukking at peemail and kaym bak to sit on or at leest neer wun of my mats and soak up the sun!!!

“I blow raspberries and call your blue neoprene mat a silly thing.”

meenwile mama kontinyood to throw treets at me for sitting on my mat!!!  hay trixie maybe if yoo sat on the bloo mat like a proper dog mama wood throw treets to yoo too!!!

“Hmm, perhaps there’s something to this mat-sitting concept after all …”

but then sumwun sat on a bentch akross the parking lot frum us with a hyoodj hairy utterly terrifying monster!!!

“Dennis, that’s just an Afghan hound, and she’s wagging her tail at everyone and everything that goes by.”

hmm an afghan hownd yoo say??? she duz not luk like an afghan to me!!! wel altho i gess with all that fur she duz kind of luk like a blanket but stil!!! just sitting at that bentch akting all happy to see evrywun is suspishus beehayvor if yoo ask me!!!

“A little more to the left, Dada. Ah, that’s the spot. Sorry, Dennis, were you babbling about something?”

trixie!!!  try to fokus!!!  how ar yoo going to protekt me if all yoo ar dooing is konsentrayting on gitting yore eerz skratchd???

“Sorry, Dennis. I don’t know what I was thinking. How about if I come over to your mat and protect you from eating too many treats?”

wot???  oh no yoo do not need to do that trixie evrywun nos treets are harmless!!!  i do not need to be protekted frum them!!!  ha ha ok bye

Meanwhile, Back At The House …


18 thoughts on “at the harbor!!! on new yeerz day!!!

  1. Wow Dennis…the cones that your mom is using for you was a really good idea. I’m sure those cones help a lot to keep suspiciously friendly Afghans at bay. And great that you had Trixie for back-up…even if she was distracted by reading peemail and then getting her head scratched.


  2. Trixie…I think that, as pack leader, you should have gotten more treats!
    Us girls gotta watch out for each other!


  3. We’re never sure if Spicoli (sp?) is a watch dog or a watched dog. But the house is probably not safe when he is called into service.


  4. OMD Dennis… that was KWITE a day at the harboorhood.
    Did you sea all the pritty lited up boatz and stuffs? We Love when you sho THOSE to us.

    YES,,,, we see that ur Post is Filled with ! and here all WE are left with are iiiiiiiiiiiii’s


  5. Beautiful Trixie, Please tell me about your GEAR! I’m not very mobile these days, butt getting out really helps my mentals. Maybe Dennis will let you post about that cool harness thingy…



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