flashbak friday in onner of … mr spock!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay in kayse yoo hav not herd the sad nooz my old frend and gest star mr spock has passd away so in onner of his long and storeed kareer dada has grayshushly allowd me to reepost a kuple of his visits as a gest host to my blog chek it owt!!! and liv long and prosper!!! ok bye

in sertch of … the misteeryus fetch observer!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday i unvayld more futage of the misteeryus fetch observer for those of yoo hoo may hav missd it heer is a fuzzy viddyo stil i hav helpfully markd up the stil to poynt owt myself and the misteeryus fetch observer check it owt:


now of korse fuzzy viddyo stils ar inkontrovertibul pruf that sumwun or sumthing is watching me play fetch!!! but wot is it??? to discover the anser i hav ternd to mr leonard spock the faymus investigaytor of misteeryus things wot yoo may hav seen on the old televizhun dokyoomentry seereez in serch of misteeryus things hello mr leonard spock!!!


oh boy this is so eksiting!!! lets git started!!! ware are we going first mr. spock???


owr first target wuz a bust but thats ok mr spock has lots of other ideeas for wot the misteerys fetch observer cud be leed on mr spock!!!


yikes that wuz a pretty scarry lady!!! fortchoonatly i happen to no that if sumwun asks if yoo ar a god yoo say yes!!! ok mr spock lets moov on to owr nekst subjekt:


poor mr spock seems to be a bit aksident prone!!! and i am starting to think that mr spock in fakt has no ideea wot the misteeryus fetch observer mite be!!! ok on to owr nekst potenshul misteeryus fetch observer subject:


as i suspekted mr spock has not got a kloo wot the misteeryus fetch observer reely is so for now lets just giv up and go home!!!


wel it luks like owr sertch for wot the misteeryus fetch observer reely is has ended not only in abjekt faylyoor but also in seeryus injery to mr spocks person but going in sertch of things is a risky bizness!!! ok bye

in sertch of … dennis the vizsla dog!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay laytly sum of my frends hav ben posting the sertch terms wot peepul yooze to find them and the thundering herd sed they wer intrested in wot other peepuls sertch terms mite be so i thawt i wood play along and reeveel mine!!! oooh i can hardly wayt i wil bet peepul find me by sertching for things like heeroic dog and dog arkeeolojists and pig powders and sooperheros and things like that!!! now this wil no dowt be a long and diffikult investigayshun and so i hav brawt bak my frend spock nimoy the faymus host of in sertch of welkum bak spock nimoy!!!

ha ha spock nimoy yoo ar luking verry groovy this morning!!! i hope this terns owt better for yoo then wen we went in sertch of the misteeryus fetch observer!!! ok now lets begin revyooing sertch terms for the last seven days!!!

sertch term kownt dennises notes!!!!!
gofer 20 ok wel this is obviusly peepul luking for informayshun on the vast rodent konspeerasy or posibly governments wot ar intrested in licensing the teknolodjy to the gofer broke yoo cannot hav it governments its mine all mine!!!
short haired dogs 10 why yes i am a short haired dog thank yoo for notising!!! tucker is a a short haired dog too!!!
dennis vizsla 7 hay luk thats me!!!!
vizsla 7 why yes i am a vizsla dog!!!
feets 7 oh i wil bet this is peepul wot ar intrested in seeing me as mister green feets!!!
cruel jokes 6 hmm this must be televizhun prodoosers and clubs wot ar intrested in buking me to perform my comedy akt for them hay call my aydjent yoo guys his naym is dada!!!
dragon farm 5 ahhh theez ar no dowt peepul wot ar intrested in my sientifik eksplanayshun of how water heeters wurk!!!
dennis alter 5 yes i hav ben alterd wot is a yoofemism for nooterd stop reminding me alreddy!!!!!!!!!
the lost saucer 5 this is probly becuz of dadas weerd song abowt me hav i menshund that dada is weerd???
funny vizsla pictures 5 funny?!?!? evrything wot goze on heer is dedly seeryus yoo silly sertch endjins!!!
gofers 4 ware??? ware?!?!?! i wil destroy them all!!!
dennis the vizsla 4 oh yes its me agin!!!
vizsla dog 4 this is my last naym dont ware it owt
sooperman 3 hmmm i wood hav thawt this wood be higher on the list as i am sutch a faymus sooperhero!!! it must be becuz sooperman only dropd by the wun time
wot curly creatures 3 ummm i dont no hoo this is maybe trixie???
air bladder 3 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha they sed bladder
reservoir dogs 3 this must be on akkownt of the time i got miksd up with the reservoir dog sandmen in the 23rd sentchery
snidely whiplash dog 3 snidely whiplash!!! he reskyewd me frum the train traks wun time!!!
dragonfarm 3 wel this is just like that other dragon farm but withowt the spayse
saintbernardstoys 3 no no no no no its vizsla dog toys git it rite!!!
cukings nude 2 ummmmmmm no comment
whiny vizsla 2 ha ha ha ha ha ha hay tucker i think this wun is for yoo!!!
pages from smithsonian magazine 2 wel altho i am of korse a verry faymus arkeeolodjist i hav yet to appeer in smithsonian magazine hay smithsonian git a kloo and hire me for sumthing!!!!
مكياج العيد 2 wot???
dennis quest 2 oh yes i hav gawn on menny kwests all of them suksesful i mite add!!!
sick vizsla rescue 2 yes i wuz verry sik wen i wuz reskyewd but lets not dwel on that it bums me owt!!!
get off my lawn 2 hay tucker this wun is for yoo too!!!
border collie vizsla 2 hay goodbear i think this wun is for yoo!!!
maximus gladiator parody 2 wel its troo i hav met the faymus gladiator maximus but agin it wuz not a parody it wuz seeryus seeryus bizness!!!
dogs with wrinkled faces 2 hay bobo and meja i think this wun is for yoo!!!
dog furniture destruction 2 wot?!?!? yoo cant proov a thing!!! viddyos can be doktord yoo no!!!
vizsla rescue 2 reskyew a vizsla dog today!!! or enny dog for that matter!!! this is a publik servis annownsment!!!
viddyo.2012 2 aiiieeeee its the end of the wurld!!!
peeing his sister 2 oh come on like yoo never did this!!!
fast rocket 2 isnt that the definishun of a rocket???
vizsla crazy 2 i reezembul that remark!!!
life’s a dream scene painting 2 row row row yore bote …….
dog barrier frustration 2 oh hay luk its the misteeryus fetch observer!!! kwik spock nimoy lets go in sertch of it!!! hay why ar yoo hiding under the table and wimpering???
bread bowl eating funny 2 i wuz not in the bred bowl tucker!!!
funny hedgehogs 2 wot?!?! hedjhogs ar not funny!!!! hedjhogs ar the most seveer thret to nashunal sekyoority wot we fayse today!!!!
vampire girl 2 hay dada why ar yoo staring off into spayse and saying mmmmmm vampire willow????
animal sez 2 i sez lots of stuf!!! and yoo better lissen!!!
photo mr creosote 2 ahhh mr creosote he sayvd the enterprise frum beeing destroyd by tater tots that time!!!
dogs cuddling 2 nothing like a gud cuddel!!!
ash pile 2 wot??? wot ash pile??? no ash piles arownd heer espeshly not dooring my sunday awards and meem shows!!!
sertch 2 hay thats wot we ar dooing rite now!!!
doctor hidden camera 2 this must be regarding my weerd frend doctor who i wonder wot he is up to theez days!!!
blast the hedgehog 1 yesssssss!!!!!!!!
vizsla named 1 vizsla named wot??!? i cannot stand the suspense!!!
heart of gold galaxy 1 oh yes i wuz wunse abord the heart of gold spayship it wuz kwite an adventcher!!!

ok their yoo hav it we hav suksesfully gawn in sertch of dennis the vizsla dog!!!! thank yoo for yore assistanse spock nimoy!!!

17 Comments on “flashbak friday in onner of … mr spock!!!

  1. Why yes, I did find your blog using the search term “Vizsla”. However, the bacon dimension would be a much better search term! How wonderful to have adventures with Spock, but I don’t think he appreciated Dennis enough! Or maybe it’s the other way around.



  2. Our Dad is a bit of a Trekkie and he is very sad to learn of Spock’s passing.

    Fun post:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. Super Tribute post to Mr. Spock/Nimoy… Live long and Prosper
    Peace and Long Life.


  4. Hi Dennis Sherri-Ellen here!!! What a great memorial post for Mr Leaonard Nimoy who will forever be SPOCK to so many of us. Did you know that he wrote the most lyrical & beautiful poetry??
    In fact his poetry was on a line of greeting cards from Blue Mountain….I wish Mr Spock was still here to help me fing his poetry again….
    He was one of a kind wasn’t he????
    Love you Dennis, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤


  5. We, too, were very sad when Mom told us about the passing of the great Mr. Spock (although Mom has been watching EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of the original Star Trek series – and is threatening us with all the movies, too). You obviously got to know Mr. Spock very well – you are one very lucky Vizsla!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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